Featured Artist Soo Kim

Artist Soo Kim presents a collection of flowing, luminous abstract works with alcohol ink and gold accents.

Featured Artist Bonny Butler

Artist Bonny Butler presents a fresh and colorful portfolio of paintings that capture the ethereal beauty of flowers.

Featured Artist Tom Psinka

Artist Tom Psinka creates dynamic abstract images with energized markings and vivid, raw color.

Artist Showcase, Summer 2021

Twenty-four artists in different mediums have contributed favorite artworks to create a diverse and engaging showcase.

Featured Artist Shauna Liora

Shauna Liora shares a vibrant portfolio of art made using fire that expresses her love of wilderness and adventure.

Artist Showcase, Winter 2021

Twenty-six artists share some of their favorite work in this exciting visual showcase.

Featured Artist Peggy Stokes

Artist Peggy Stokes creates stunning alcohol ink paintings by blending and moving the inks into vividly colorful, swirling images. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website for more.     I am a self-taught artist, which I find amazing at my age!  My passion for art came to me later in life after I had […]

Featured Artist Phillippa Lack

Artist Phillippa Lack uses Photoshop to transform her silk paintings into abstract designs printed on fabric.

Artist Showcase, Summer 2019

Enjoy the variety of talent and styles of twenty-five artists invited to share their work in Artsy Shark’s Summer 2019 Artist Showcase.

Artist Showcase Spring 2019

A group of talented and inspired artists were invited to share their work in this Artist Showcase. Click on the each artist’s name to visit their website for more.     Gia Schifano Inspired by the East End of Long Island, my work reflects the peace and tranquility of the area. I want my landscapes […]

Featured Artist Mishel Schwartz

Canadian artist Mishel Schwartz’s alcohol ink paintings are sensually rich with color, movement and form.

Featured Artist Leslie Franklin

Leslie Franklin uses alcohol ink, a medium that is hard to control but enables her to find a balance between realism and abstraction.