Featured Artist Patricia Ann Hillard

Artist Patricia Ann Hillard paints larger-than-life blooms, perfectly capturing their natural beauty. Visit her website to enjoy more of her stunning work.


floral portrait

“Ever Lasting” acrylic on canvas, 75cm x 75cm


I have found the most pleasure in life by surrounding myself with the creative arts; be it architecture, dance, music, theatre, or landscape architecture with the added joy of the beauty of flowers and nature. I love art in all its many glorious forms.


floral portrait

“Bountiful” acrylic on canvas, 101cm x 101cm


Life, as it is said, got in the way of my pursuing any of these wondrous pastimes as a career, or anything more than an enjoyable way to relax and dream of another world.


floral portrait painting by Patricia Hillard

“Summer Dream” acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 75cm


Painting was always pushed to the bottom of my to-do list, but I increasingly yearned to explore art. A recent major life change was about to free up available time, and I began to explore the possibility of making art my reality.


floral portrait

“Summers Gift” acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 100cm


I have always had a passion for nature, especially flowers. I feel this beauty can bring peace and joy to the observer. For a lover of flowers (as they are naturally short-lived) this can leave one craving more, once the bloom has faded and the season has changed.


floral painting by Patricia Ann Hillard

“Radiance” acrylic on canvas, 61cm x 61cm


Creating a version which is timeless and everlasting seemed to me to be a wonderful solution. I share nature’s beauty captured forever on my canvas.


floral portrait

“Quiet Contemplation” acrylic on canvas, 75cm x 100cm


I explored the idea of painting flowers in a larger-than-life format. This showcased the wonderful shapes of the petals twisting and curling, creating their unique beauty. The effect of light, ideally the sun shining on the blooms, cast strong shadows. These bring a sense of depth and drama, and capture the effects of mood and light. The result can be magical. I decided to pursue this to the utmost of my abilities.


floral portrait

“Nella Luce” acrylic on canvas, 70cm x 70cm


I came upon an advertisement by Jacqueline Coates, creator of Blooms Painting in South Australia. Jacqueline has a number of online and real-time painting courses available. I signed up, not knowing where this huge step would take me, but knowing that it felt right. Jacqueline is a great teacher and mentor. She has encouraged me to explore different directions and possibilities in developing my art practice.


floral portrait

“In My Heart” acrylic on canvas, 75cm x 100cm


I have found there are many like-minded people who appreciate the beauty of nature in a realistic form. This has encouraged me to continue my pursuit of painting with a balance of creativity and the ability to faithfully depict realist flowers. I paint in a large format to better appreciate all the subtle, intricate details.


floral portrait

“True Love” acrylic on canvas, 45cm x 45cm


I prefer to use the highest quality acrylic paints for their ease of use. They are fast-drying bright colours, and any corrections are easily undertaken. I most often use a dark background to best showcase and highlight the beauty of the subject.


floral portrait

“White Lilies” acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 50cm


My love affair with art and flowers continues. I feel it was meant to be, and expresses my joy in recreating beauty for all who view to experience forever.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for showing us the works of Patricia Ann Hillard. 🙂 My favourite is Nella Luce, an impressive artwork!

  2. Hello Rhia
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Painting these beautiful flowers gives me much joy and to have others such as yourself appreciate and love them too is such a wonderful feeling, the ultimate justification and fulfilment of an artist’s passion.
    Best regards, Patricia

  3. Rhia,
    I enjoy looking at your portraits of flowers. My favorite is “Summers Gift.” I enjoy gods gift to us in nature.
    Ann Marie

  4. Barb Tourtillotte says

    Absolutely stunning! What a gift she has.

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