Featured Artist Robert Bergstrom

Photographer Robert Bergstrom shares a collection of images layered for a dreamlike effect. Visit his website to see more of his portfolio.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Dreams of Stockholm: The schooner Af Chapman is now a hostel. The map is the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland” photography, various sizes


From Viking longships to modern steel and diesel fishing boats, sailors have braved the sea in vessels which seem fragile.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Quiet at the Docks: Fishing boats and evening reflections, Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon” photography, various sizes


My photos look to express the beauty and vastness of the sea. Maritime images work best if there is a subject and a story. I especially love the rugged character of fishing boats.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“6 AM Club: dedicated rowers in early morning fog” photography, various sizes


There are innumerable opportunities to photograph boats and seascapes in the Pacific Northwest where I live. I enjoy walking along the waterfront at dawn and dusk when I visit the Oregon coast or the Puget Sound.


seascape photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Sunburst over Drangarnir: This seastack is one of the iconic images from the Faroe Islands, a Nordic outpost in the North Atlantic” photography, various sizes


I have also visited Scandinavia, where boats and sailing are a way of life. Several of the featured images in this collection are from Sweden and the Faroe Islands.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Dreams of Greenland: A modern fishingboat in Klaksvik, Faroe Islands. A map of Iceland and Greenland from 1770 is layered over the sky” photography, various sizes


My website name, Northern Mists, is an homage to Norwegian polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen, whose book In Northern Mists chronicles the Norse exploration of the Atlantic and discovery of North America.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Schooner at Sunset: Whidbey Island, Washington” photography, various sizes


Much of history is hidden in the mists and myths of time.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Whidbey Sunrise: Sailboats at anchor, with Mt Baker and plenty of golden light” photography, various sizes


Humanity has treated the planet in the same way as we treat each other—endless wars and destruction, driven by greed which can never be satisfied. We are in need of deep healing. We are not separate from nature, but are embedded in nature. I hope to show a deeper level of meaning.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Schooner Suva at Dawn: Whidbey Island, Washington” photography, various sizes


During the pandemic I played in Photoshop, working on abstract themes, and learned to add layers of texture, wood grain, and colors. I have layered maps over several maritime images to create a dreamy effect that also adds narrative to the image. I am trying to make images which are timeless, representing many days and outings, not just a single event.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Dreams of the Salish Sea: Evening at the marina in Port Townsend, layered with a map of the San Juans and Vancouver Island” photography, various sizes


A sailor must always have a map in his mind of where he wants to sail and how to get there. Our minds combine many layers of impressions and feelings to make a memory.


maritime photography by Robert Bergstrom

“Evening Adventure: a paddleboarder on the bay at dusk, Port Townsend, Washington” photography, various sizes


I make my art to show people the profound beauty that can be found in nature and in themselves.


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  1. Very wonderful work.

  2. Geoff Oelsner says

    How extremely beautiful and reverent and and relevant to our present climatic predicament.

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