Featured Artist Craig Higgins

A trained artistic eye and wide range of interests inspired Craig S. Higgins to create a portfolio of stunning fine art photography. See more of his work by visiting his website.


floral photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Classic Calla” photography, various sizes


As a youngster I always wanted to be involved in the creative arts—my first dream was to be an architect.


floral photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Open Red” photography, various sizes


Other interests and pursuits put that on hold and a professional life in the health care world took the front row, as did a life as a college professor building and chairing a health care administration program, although I still made time to take photographs. The college campus provided a rich locus for photography, with wonderful scenery and great athletic event opportunities.


landscape photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Grand Tetons at Sunset” photography, various sizes


At “retirement” (I dislike the word), I decided to pursue what I felt was an artistic gift.


floral photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Columbine” photography, various sizes


I began three years of private study in oil painting. I had already been taking photographs since the age of ten, but the idea of trying a new artistic and creative medium was appealing.


landscape photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Stark Tree, Sedona” photography, various sizes


I believed it would improve my photographic work and train my eye in both composition and subject. And I was right! The study of painting has helped how and what I see enormously through the lens of my camera.


floral photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Daisies Dream” photography, various sizes


My photographic work is still my primary interest, and I work with a full range of subjects from florals to landscapes to architecture and to portraits and human interest.


floral photography by Craig S. Higgins

“The Conversation” photography, various sizes


While color has a magical appeal—and I enjoy strong colors—the keys to good fine art photography are composition and a subject that invites the viewer to pause, to question or to be moved by a “story” that can be found in a living image.


landscape photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Snow on Tree Line” photography, various sizes


The images I share here with you are just that—a sample of the wide range of interests and stories that inspire me, help me really “see” the beauty of this universe and remind me to feel grateful for the many simple and beautiful gifts we have in our lives each day.


landscape photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Wyoming Milk” photography, various sizes


While the COVID virus delayed much of my travels, and even halted my work at the easel, I have awakened to a new chapter which I’m delighted to share with friends and viewers.


floral photography by Craig S. Higgins

“Columbine White” photography, various sizes


I welcome feedback and any constructive observations. That helps me grow. Wishing you all the eyes to see the creative opportunities that lay before us. All the best for allowing your gifts to bring you inner peace and wonderful messages to your audiences.


Artist Craig S. Higgins invites you to follow him on Picfair.


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  1. Dear Craig…those are very pretty pictures , I love them all …thank you !

    Beautiful work and great job!

  3. Bonnie Girvan says

    Beautiful and inspired works. Love

  4. You have such an observant eye for the beauty around you. I cannot even begin to choose which one I like best. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Please continue so we can be surrounded with more of what you see with such sensitivity.

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