Featured Artist Hugh Walker

Barbadian artist Hugh Walker shares a collection of stunning photography that captures the drama and beauty of the Caribbean coastline. Find more of his portfolio on his website.


seascape photograph by Hugh Walker

“Underneath” photography, 24″ x 24″


I began my journey during my teen years at school. There I was exposed to the mysterious and magical art of film photography. In those days we were limited to black and white processing. I am thankful for that, because working with black and white helped me develop my appreciation of the interplay between light and shadow. I learned how to create three-dimensional artwork by using shades of gray.


seascape photography by Hugh Walker

“The Step and the Boat” photography, 24″ x 16″


My passion for photography followed me through to my adult years. Life, however, has a way of moving things from the forefront to the sideline. I became frustrated with my profession—I was missing something in my life and did not know what it was.


seascape photography by Hugh Walker

“Where To” photography, 24″ x 16″


My wife, sensing the struggle and knowing of my passion for photography, challenged me to enter a local photography competition. I took the challenge, and was awarded a special prize and a bronze medal for one of my pieces. From then until now there has been no looking back.


seascape photography by Hugh Walker

“Love of Sunset” photography, 24″ x 16″


My name is Hugh Walker, and I am a fine art and landscape photographer living on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados.


seascape photography by Hugh Walker

“A Calm Morning” photography, 24″ x 16″


My vision of landscape photography is as a form of art, and not just a means to document what is in front of the lens. My goal is to create an image that pictorially represents the location but also adds mystery, fantasy and charm to entice the viewer.


seascape photography by Hugh Walker

“Last Light” photography, 24″ x 16″


As with most l landscape images, the best time to capture them is either during the early morning light or those brief minutes around sunset when the light is magical.


seascape photograph by Hugh Walker

“The Three” photography, 16″ x 24″


Light is everything to a landscape photographer—we live and die by the light. It is common for a landscape photographer to visit a specific location dozens of times during the year seeking out that special occasion when the light brings out the best in the scene. I am no different.


seascape photography by Hugh Walker

“East Side Storm” photography, 24″ x 16″


The majority of the images here are meant to highlight the beauty of the Barbadian coastline. It varies from rugged and deadly in the east and north coasts (Atlantic Ocean), to serene and playful on the south and west coasts (Caribbean Sea).


seascape photography by Hugh Walker

“Guardians” photography, 16″ x 24″


My workflow revolves around Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop aided with plugins such as Nik Tools (The old versions before DXO). Each image has about eight man hours of work associated with it and some even more than that. The digital darkroom process is one that requires patience to bring out the absolute best final product.


seascape photography by Hugh Walker

“When I Dream” photography, 24″ x 16″


I hope you enjoy the images and that you will visit me online so that we can continue the conversation.


Artist Hugh Walker invites you to follow him on Facebook and his Online Art Gallery.


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