Featured Artist David Tulbert

Photographer David Tulbert transforms the exquisite beauty of nature into elegant works of art. View more of his portfolio on his website.


landscape photography by David Tulbert

“Stork at Lake Dubay” photograph, various sizes


I started taking pictures when I was eight. My dad encouraged my interest by getting me a darkroom set-up when I was nine. I remember spending many hours in the shadowy red glow of the safety lights practicing the satisfying magic of making an image appearing literally out of nowhere!


floral photography by David Tulbert

“Cala Sisters Sunbathing” photograph, various sizes


My interest was further encouraged when, at age eleven, I became the youngest student to ever attend the Banff School of Fine Arts Summer Photographic Art Program.


floral photography by David Tulbert

“The Four Noble Truths” photograph, various sizes


The satisfaction has continued to this day. I am motivated by a desire to share the inspiring, unique and elegant beauty I see equally in its “perfections” and “imperfections.”


landscape photography by David Tulbert

“Fractal Dream of Sunset Lake” photograph, various sizes


We now know that seeing beautiful things activates the brain’s reward mechanism. It causes the release of the same neurotransmitters as all life’s other pleasures. But what distinguishes beautiful stimuli is that the specific part of the brain they stimulate is responsible for human empathy, inclusiveness and love. We get the same response when we view an image of someone we love.


floral photography by David Tulbert

“Even Heaven’s Smallest Tree” photograph, various sizes


We also get it when we contemplate abstract images and even thoughts that are particularly “elegant” or sublime. For me, this is the true power of art. We should cherish it. Beauty—exquisite beauty—stimulates our humanity at its deepest, most profound and personal levels. The brush is indeed mightier than the sword.


floral photography by David Tulbert

“Flourishing Bluebutton” photograph, various sizes


When I go out with my camera, I will be struck by an object or a scene and my sense of beauty is stimulated. When it is exquisitely stimulated, when I see something universal, quintessential, godly in the object, then I take a picture of it. I want to share it with you because I hope you will respond to it in the same positive way.


landscape photography by David Tulbert

“Weeds in Ditches 1” photograph, various sizes


Photography is unique as an art form. It creates the image directly, immaterially—there is no brush or canvas. It is in fact a recording and so I try to make the image as accurate a representation as possible of the beauty I see in the object.


floral photography by David Tulbert

“Weeds in Ditches 6” photograph, various sizes


The fun begins in post-processing. It gives me the level of control I would have if I were painting the image one brushstroke at a time. I will usually work on an image for many hours. I retouch it in numerous ways to get it to transmit that powerful experience of beauty I had when I first saw it. Hopefully, you will enjoy the results.


floral photography by David Tulbert

“Prolific Amaryllis” photograph, various sizes


My work is most influenced by Minor White, with whom I studied between ’67 and ’69. I try to distill the beautiful “essence” of, for example, a rose—its quintessential, archetypal “rose-ness”—into a discernible form.


floral photography by David Tulbert

“Heart of Love” photograph, various sizes


I hope my work bestows an exalted aesthetic experience that illuminates the viewer to induce joy, reverence and a deeper understanding of and oneness with, the Universal.


Artist David Tulbert invites you to view his work at Fine Art America.


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