Featured Artist Humberto Guanipa

Artist Humberto Guanipa presents an intriguing group of mixed media sculptural works with mysterious meanings. Visit his website to see more of his portfolio.


red mixed media sculpture by Humberto Guanipa

“Covid-19″ mixed media sculpture, 32″ x 48”


I was born in Valencia, Venezuela. Growing up, I always knew whatever I did in my life, art had to be a part of my soul—no matter what. Really, everything began when I was studying in Spain.


mixed media sculpture

“Joy’s Me” mixed media sculpture, 28″ x 40″


My life changed when I saw a wave smash into a rock like a tornado. I decided I wanted to paint it, and so I did. Soon after I returned to my country. I had already studied several kinds of drawings such as mechanical, technical, and architectural.


3D mixed media sculpture

“Chora Yun” mixed media sculpture, 37″ x 30″ x 15″


I had served in the Air Force of my country for 18 months. A few days after I returned, I enrolled in Visual Art School and stayed for nearly three years. Later on, I moved to another school in Valencia for two years, quitting before I finished because I just wasn’t happy. From then on, I chose to pursue what would make me happy. That’s when I decided to come to the United States.


mixed media sculpture by Humberto Guanipa

“My Blue Vertigo” mixed media sculpture, 17″ x 37″


I came to see the masterpiece of Pablo Picasso which was in the Metropolitan Museum. On my way to the Met, I had deja vu!  I said “Oh my God this is it, here I want to die.” Since the day of deja vu, I have resided in this country. I’ve shown my art at galleries in Italy, Canada, and the United States several times.


yellow mixed media sculpture by Humberto Guanipa

“Ahmetrix” mixed media sculpture, 58″ x 26″


Who am I as an artist? That is a good question. Perhaps it is connected to a different journey in my life, mental or physical. I show my emotions and tell my history through my work to inspire and engage the viewer with a universal attitude and connection.


mixed media wall sculpture

“We Travel Around” mixed media sculpture, 19″ x 41″


The art world is filled with different opinions on the matter. Historians, critics, collectors, curators and now the media too. However, it is important to come up with your own definition. Otherwise you are pushed around and your point of view is that of a puppet.


mixed media sculpture

“Almost Jail” mixed media sculpture, 23″ x 48″


In my art I want to catch the feeling of space and wonder, the feeling of joy we get from nature and a sense of wild freedom. I strive to capture movement and life. Making the wood cry and the color laugh, living with beautiful objects that pay tribute to the natural world, reminds us to show down and helps us reconnect us with nature.


found object sculpture

“I Come in Peace” mixed media sculpture, 26″ x 48″


My current mediums such as mixed media, sculpture, and work on paper have become a way for me to investigate. Layering and texturing in relation to the subject matter. Often my work, even the background of my art, such as the color of the wall it is hanging on, plays a factor in seamlessly integrating my artwork into its surroundings. My approach to my work is direct without any preconceived notions and is subject to considerable change. 


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