Featured Artist Carol-Ann Michaelson

Artist Carol-Ann Michaelson creates ethereal abstract paintings with complex layers and surfaces. View more of her work by visiting her website.


abstract landscape in oil and cold wax

“Autumn Reflections” oil and cold wax, 8″ x 8″


I have been an artist all my life. Art was in my blood from an early age.


abstract painting in oil and cold wax

“Through the Mists of Time” oil and cold wax, 16″ x 23.5″


My mother was a painter, so I grew up with the smell of oil paint emanating from her studio. Many a rainy day was spent joyfully exploring her art materials. I attended art school in my early adult years and have continued my professional development throughout the ensuing years.


abstract painting of a phoenix

“Phoenix Rising 1″ oil and cold wax, 20″ x 20”


I have worked as a professional artist my entire adult life. The first medium I worked with was clay, creating both functional and non-functional ceramic pieces. I have been fortunate enough to have been invited to many parts of the world including Asia, Europe, the USA, and Canada to teach and work at guilds, colleges, and universities. I am honored to have my ceramic work in private collections, museums, and books. Moving on, ceramics has informed my current work.


contemporary abstract painting

“Behind the Veil” oil and cold wax, 36″ x 36″


From the moment I discovered it, I was enamored with the combination of oil paint and cold wax. This medium allows me to build up layers of translucent or opaque paint, creating thick and solid color or thin veils of translucency.


serene abstract landscape painting

“Across the Bay” oil and cold wax, 36″ x 48″


I build up and scrape back, always changing, adding, and removing paint until my conversation with the painting feels complete and I feel satisfied that nothing else can be said. These surfaces I aim to create are nuanced, with a feeling of history, luminosity, and energy. Multiple layers create a sense of depth, mystery, and narrative.


dynamic abstract landscape painting

“Breaking Dawn” oil and cold wax, 24″ x 36″


What inspires me? Daily walks with my dog (and husband!) Seeing the leaves turning to beautiful, fall colors during my regular walks in the woods. Listening to the streams and creeks that are behind my home. Marveling at the powerful visual stimulus from the first snow that transforms my landscape. The seasons and the details that unfold and are revealed in nature inspire me.


abstract art oil and cold wax medium

“Phoenix Rising 2″ oil and cold wax, 20″ x 20”


I am a traveler and I have explored many corners of the world, from ancient ruins and temples to contemporary cities and outstanding country sides. Places, layers of history, peoples and their histories inspire me. And how can the last two years of lockdown and isolation not affect my work?


abstract oil and cold wax painting

“Sailing Higher” oil and cold wax, 24″ x 36″


Painting is like a meditation. As a gestural abstract painter, it all happens in the moment. Magic happens when I get out of my head and allow that deep, inner voice that I trust to guide my hand. I then connect to my painting, and I feel alive.


Artist with her painting

Artist Carol-Ann Michaelson in her studio with her painting “Behind the Veil”


I want my work to draw you in from afar to see the subtle details up close. It is so personally rewarding when my painting speaks and resonates with others.


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