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Photographer John Lawlor produces bold images with an impact bigger than life. Enjoy his distinctive style of art and find more by visiting his website.


reimaged photo of a bull and office building

“Bull Against Office Building” reimaged photo, sizes vary


As I reflect on my twenty-five-year photography career, I realize that luck played a significant role. I probably should have been nicknamed “Lucky Lawlor.” I was lucky to have many people who encouraged my early development like Pete Turner, my first photographer crush. Pete mentored me during my years at his alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology, and right through my early years as a professional.


Monument Valley enhanced photo

“Monument Long Vista from Helicopter” reimaged photo, sizes vary


Lucky that I had solid technical skills that were highly valued by advertising agencies looking for creative photographers who could consistently deliver results. Lucky that I’d trained with some of New York’s top ad photographers before launching my solo career.


tall ship in full sail

“Tall Ship at Sea Near Bermuda” reimaged photo, sizes vary


Lucky that I was discovered by a top European photo agent and brought to London at age 22. I was based there for five globe-trotting, ad producing years. London in the late 60s: home to the Beatles, the Stones, great Indian food… and hot mini-skirted models!


photo of a bull on a beach

“Bull on Galveston Beach” reimaged photo, sizes vary


At 27, I was enticed back to New York City by higher fees, bigger shoots and budgets. My agents kept my lucky streak going for 5+ years when I decided to move to Los Angeles, hoping to get lucky in the movie business. My big director break never happened. But, as luck would have it, my print business exploded over the next 12 years with larger and more exciting location shoots including:


Photo of a cowboy and horse in the Tetons

“Cowboy on Hilltop in Front of Grand Tetons Range” reimaged photo, sizes vary


  • Two weeks in Bermuda and New York City shooting from sea and air a tall ship for American Express
  • 10 days shooting the Merrill Lynch bull in rural Texas and downtown Houston that resulted in my photos running across 31 pages in Fortune magazine
  • 6+ years of producing hundreds of ads and billboards across the West for Marlboro US and UK. Imagine shooting for over 40 days in Monument Valley – spectacular scenery but horrible food!
  • Photographing hundreds of horses for dozens of clients as well as my own enjoyment, especially horses running in water. My favorite horse shoot happened after dark, using helicopter search lights to backlight the horses.


composite photo horses running in water

“Night Horses Running in Water Composite” reimaged photo, sizes vary


After 25 years and 20,000+ rolls of Kodachrome, I decided the Golden Age of Advertising photography was ending. It was time to retire my Nikons.


Tall ship and World Trade Center

“Tall Ship Passing World Trade Center” reimaged photo, sizes vary


Shortly after, a major earthquake rendered our home uninhabitable. We moved to Florida where I developed a series of internet-related businesses for the next 20+ years.


photo of cowboy and horse

“Cowboy and Daughter Walking Horse in Dusty Paddock” reimaged photo, sizes vary


During the pandemic, I hauled out dozens of storage boxes. I started digitizing my photo library as well as experimenting with Photoshop’s amazing capabilities. Luck would strike again when I discovered that my experiments made photography fun again.


horses in Monument Valley

“Horse Herd Emerging from Canyon in Monument Valley” reimaged photo, sizes vary


For the past 18 months I’ve been engrossed in a journey of discovery enabled by my growing Photoshop skills. Every day I discover new images emerging from old photos! What fun!


Photo of horses running at night

“Backlight Horses Running at Edge of Lake at Night” reimaged photo, sizes vary


I hope that luck is back on my side and that you like the images that result from my journey of reimaging my photos from 60s, 70s, and 80s. They were the golden age of advertising photography.


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  1. What an amazing and fantastic creative career. How fulfilling it must be to be John Lawlor. Love all your beautiful photographic images. Robert Birkenes

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