Featured Artist Teri K. Miller

Fine art photographer Teri K. Miller captures exquisite natural moments in her dreamlike portfolio. Visit her website to see more of the collection.


Fine art photograph of a fiery sunset

“Fiery Sky” photographic print, various sizes


Wanderlust flows through my veins and drives me to seek out new places. I was born and raised in Chicago and started photographing with a simple point-and-shoot camera at a young age while on family trips out west.


stunning photograph of a birch forest

“Fall Dance” photographic print, various sizes


I ended up spending a large part of my life in Colorado, where we raised our family. As a commercial and fine art photographer for over 25 years, I’ve visited many places and met amazing people around the world.


photograph of a lone tree in a desert landscape

“Solitary” photographic print, various sizes


I was recently able to focus on my passion for nature and the outdoors while challenging myself as an artist on a two-year road trip around the country, living in an RV. Curiosity and a sense of adventure not only brought me to spectacular locales, but also helped hone my artistic eye and develop my style.


closeup photo of a dandelion

“Dandelion Sunset” photographic print, various sizes


Traveling can be very inspiring, but I also find that there are interesting moments to capture no matter where you are. I currently call St. Petersburg, Florida home and have loved exploring and documenting the beauty of the Tampa Bay area.


photo of an egret and flying bird at the lake

“Conversation at the Lake” photographic print, various sizes


I’m drawn to contrasting colors, patterns and details in nature. I like to move around and approach a place at various angles to find the most impactful image.


photograph, detail of an aspen tree

“Aspen Mosaic” photographic print, various sizes


Using a macro lens helps to get into the details of a scene, while a very wide angle can reveal a completely different viewpoint. I love the effect of a slow shutter speed to explore the tension between stillness and motion and create a painterly effect. Incorporating layers of light and shadow and using backlight helps me create a dreamy, mystical scene.


dramatic photo of an arch way in the woods

“Stepping into Magic” photographic print, various sizes


My artwork is an extension of myself and my connection to nature. With vivid colors, strong lines and a luminous energy, my work evokes a sense of wonder. I want the viewer to see what I see. A different perspective—the reflection of a color on water, the inside of a flower, sunlight filtering through fog—another point of view that is not readily apparent.


photo of an abstracted sunset

“Splendor” photographic print, various sizes


As an introvert, I love finding places and moments that bring me solitude, even (and especially) when I’m surrounded by chaos and loudness. I seek out the quiet, unassuming moments and bring them to light.


closeup of a dandelion in seed

“Medusa in the Wind” photographic print, various sizes


I want you to be brought into the work, to be wrapped in serenity and luxuriate in it. My goal is to make the connection between the viewer and the beauty that surrounds us, sharing the hopeful light of our natural world.


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  1. Your work is wonderful. Happy to have discovered it.

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