Featured Artist Stephen Dicerbo

Enjoy the portfolio of Stephen Dicerbo, a masterful printmaker renowned for artworks created in the exquisite gyotaku tradition. Visit his website to see more.


Seabass artwork using Japanese printmaking technique

“Black Seabass Trio 1″ Chokusetsuho, 18″ X 36”


I grew up wandering about and exploring the Adirondack Mountain region of Upstate New York. I have always been enchanted by the outdoor surroundings that I sought out. I’ve been compelled to express this wonder of the natural world in my art throughout my life.


Pen and ink artwork Atlantic salmon

“Atlantic Salmon Head Study” pen, ink and wash, 5.75″ X 6.75″


Over the years, I have traveled the northeast United States and New England, as well as Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon, and Washington State. I pursued the outdoor environs, recording and illustrating them as I went. I obtained an Associate of Science degree in Fish and Wildlife Technology in the early eighties. Years later, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Science Illustration.


gyotaku fish printmaking

“Pike and Perch 1″ Chokusetsuho, 18″ X 48”


One of my earliest memories is a visit to the raceways of a fish hatchery. I was amazed by the swimming beauty that lived in the watery environment before me. Fish have always held a special place in my heart. Through my artistic expression of natural science illustration and nature art, my fascination with Ichthyology is evident.


fish print gyotaku

“Trifecta” Chokusetsuho, 24″ X 24″


Through experimentation in the studio at first, and later in collaboration with other artists, I discovered and refined printmaking techniques in a genre known as gyotaku. I traveled to Japan and studied with a friend and Master Gyotaku printmaker, Mineo Yamamoto. Both there and in the US, I refined and advanced my technique in Kansetsu-ho and Chokusetsu-ho Japanese fish printing. After ten years of study with Sensei Yamamoto, I was honored with the title of Master Gyotaku printmaker and given the artist’s name Mutsugoroh.


Line etching of a fish

“The Prize” line etching, 9.5″ X 11.75″


Along with more conventional art genres such as oil painting, color pencil and pen and ink illustration, I continue to develop new approaches to the fine art version of gyotaku. I teach the art form in workshops, both remotely and at Stormtree Studio in North Hudson, New York.


Artwork print of a fish from Lake Okeechobee

“Okeechobee Crappie” Kansetsuho, 14.5″ X 19″


Aside from teaching gyotaku and science illustration, in the past couple years I have actively participated in local, regional and international art exhibitions. 2023 marks the second year that I curated an art exhibition in Castel di Sangro, Abruzzo, Italy.


fish print gyotaku

“Out of the Blue 1″ Chokusetsuho, 10″ X 20”


Additionally, I am working hard toward curating my first solo exhibition called Ichthyography in Ticonderoga, New York. I’m especially excited about designing the exhibition catalogue for my solo show. Funding is from a county arts association macro grant as well as a Kickstarter campaign.


gyotaku fish print

“Lake George Rockbass School 2″ Chokusetsuho, 12″ X 36”


The solo exhibition will feature a cross section of mediums that I work with, and ichthyology-focused content. It will largely be comprised of gyotaku. This will include the current direction of my work—statement pieces that are four, five or six feet in length.


pen and ink drawing of a fish

“Freestone Brown” pen and ink, 14″ X 17″


As I continue to be inspired by my surroundings, I am investing in the immediate future by refining my particular techniques and improving the output of my finished work, as well as passing on these advances to others through teaching in my studio.


Stephen Dicerbo invites you to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.



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