Featured Artist Gabriela Cabeza

Artist Gabriela Cabeza presents an inspired collection of ethereal and spontaneous abstract paintings. Enjoy and visit her website to view more of her portfolio.


Abstract oil painting by Gabriela Cabeza

“Talking to the Unconscious” oil, 20 x 30 cm


I started painting in 2012. I was 53 years old, and had never thought about doing something with my hands. At that time in my life, this activity that later became a passion covered a very important space that was empty. I attended various ateliers of local artists, but could not find what my soul asked me to express. The copy was not what I was looking for.


Ethereal abstract painting by Gabriela Cabeza

“New Experiences” oil, 30 x 40 cm


I soon realized that I had an urgent need to express myself with those brushes without thinking about what I was doing. Thus, I was dialoguing with my paintings and discovering myself.


mystical abstract painting by Gabriela Cabeza

“See What It Is” oil, 30 x 40 cm


I realized that painting is like living. You feel joy, frustration, fear, pride, disappointment, emotion. You learn what your limits and challenges are and how to overcome them. And you learn that something you like a lot must be released for the good of the rest. Otherwise you condition yourself and lose spontaneity and freedom.


abstract painting about consciousness by Gabriela Cabeza

“Expanding Consciousness” oil, 26 x 36 cm


Painting helped me and taught me to live better. It empowered me. It gave me tools to value myself, fullness, security, and the possibility of leaving a legacy for my children and grandchildren. But most importantly it gave me my purpose in life.


abstract painting by Gabriela Cabeza

“The Path of Soul” oil, 26 x 36 cm


Transmit to those who are lost that you never have to give up. Search inside because everything is there for us, waiting for us. Today my heart is full of gratitude.


Softly ethereal abstract painting by Gabriela Cabeza

“Everything Reflects You” oil, 40 x630 cm


In the beginning, I painted with acrylic and mixed techniques. Then I discovered oil and it was a one-way trip. I start my work by generating a chaos of colors and shapes that my desire, intuition and my eye then order. And in that ordered chaos is that they are born. I also create and sell my work as NFTs.


colorful abstract painting by Gabriela Cabeza

“Limiting Thoughts” oil, 20 x 30 cm


I choose at that very moment the colors I am going to use. Then I let myself be carried away by the brushes. I enjoy every moment like a child, with my empty mind and my present state.


complex abstract painting by Gabriela Cabeza

“The Warriors” oil,
30 x 40 cm


I always say that I paint and then I get inspired. When I look at the finished work, I hear its message. The title comes in that message. It is pure magic. My desire is to reach every soul and every heart. I think and believe that art is transmitted from heart to heart.


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  1. Gabriela,
    I find your colors and design interesting. You obviously enjoy what you are doing. Thank you for your words of inspiration. Sometimes we get lost and needs of encouragement.

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