Featured Artist Rachel Brask

Featured artist and painter Rachel Brask reimagines rainy days into colorful experiences through her abstract art.

Featured Artist Carol Roark

Painter Carol Roark shares a beautifully classic portfolio of landscapes that captures the spirit of the South.

Featured Artist Tina Birch Chimenti

Featured artist Tina Birch Chimenti shares a collection of fascinating and complex narrative paintings in oil and acrylics.

Featured Artist Dawn Miller

Artist  Dawn Miller presents a collection of landscape oil paintings that are a visual delight.

Featured Artist Suzy French

Australian painter Suzy French shares a portfolio of contemporary landscapes created in her distinctive signature style.

Featured Artist Antonia Ruppert

Artist Antonia Ruppert shares a stunning portfolio and her story of a life dedicated to the betterment of her community.

Featured Artist Sameer Sharma

Enjoy this collection of fascinating and intimate portraits by oil painter and featured artist Sameer Sharma.

Winter Artist Showcase 2023

Enjoy this selection of amazing works by our latest group of talented artists in all mediums in our Artist Showcase, Winter 2023.

Featured Artist Ying McLane

Artist Ying McLane presents a vibrantly colorful portfolio of contemporary paintings. See more of her work by visiting her website.     Since my youth, I’ve cherished the beauty of a clear blue sky, the gentle touch of raindrops, and the warmth of the sun’s rays. This love for the world around me inspired me […]

Featured Artist John Stoa

Scottish artist John Stoa presents a selection of paintings that masterfully capture small moments in life.

Featured Artist Laura Blue Palmer

Artist Laura Blue Palmer paints a mesmerizing dance between blossoms and the delicate grace of birds and butterflies.

Featured Artist Audrey Kral

Artist Audrey Kral presents an ethereal collection of colorful abstract paintings inspired by the natural world.

Featured Artist Allison Richter

Painter Allison Richter shares a striking avian portfolio inspired by her fascination with these beautiful, ethereal animals. See more by visiting her website.     I’m a wildlife artist, and my world revolves around capturing magical moments in the lives of these magnificent creatures. My passion lies in the beauty of birds. I’m here to […]

Featured Artist Christopher Evan Taylor

Painter Christopher Evan Taylor presents a collection of landscapes and narrative artworks in an imaginary world.