Featured Artist Rita Curtis

Featured artist Rita Curtis offers a collection of bold eye-catching oil paintings to brighten any room or mood.

Featured Artist Oscar Esteban Martinez

Artist Oscar Esteban Martinez presents a selection of portraits intended to show the diverse nature of humanity.

Featured Artist Lauri Fernandez

Featured artist Lauri Fernandez presents a collection of tranquil nature-inspired paintings that lift the spirit.

Featured Artist Tan-Yah Jackson

South African painter Tan-Yah Jackson shares her artist journey and presents a collection of vivid landscapes.

Featured Artist Heather Wanamaker

South Carolina artist Heather Wanamaker’s realistic eye-catching paintings share the world exactly as she sees it.

Featured Artist Lynda Sauls

Artist Lynda Sauls presents a heartfelt collection of paintings that celebrate nature, life and diversity.

Featured Artist Jenni Rogers

Australian artist Jenni Rogers creates delightfully whimsical art that celebrates good food and dining out. Enjoy her work!

Featured Artist Kathryn Wills

Painter Kathryn Wills creates abstract landscapes using a complex additive and subtractive method. Enjoy her portfolio.

Featured Artist Doug Stuckle

Featured artist Doug Stuckle is a Midwestern oil painter capturing the changing face of the landscape and nature.

Featured Artist Wendy Marquis

Enjoy the portfolio of painter Wendy Marquis, whose rural scenes capture the open land, fresh air and vintage vehicles.

Artist Showcase, Early Winter 2023

Enjoy these favorite artworks from nineteen different artists in a variety of mediums and style.

Featured Artist Todd Swart

California painter Todd Swart presents a compelling selection of landscapes that capture urban and natural vistas.

Featured Artist Claire Vines

Oil painter Claire Vines presents a selection of artwork that reflects her rich life experience and culture.

Featured Artist Leonie E Brown

South African artist Leonie Brown creates complex dreamlike paintings containing hidden messages.