Featured Artist Christine Davis

Australian artist Christine Davis shares a portfolio of colorful oil paintings that capture the stunning landscape of her native land.

Featured Artist Megan McCarthy

Enjoy the dreamlike portfolio of artist Megan McCarthy, who is inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Featured Artist Delia Vilhelm

Featured Romanian artist Delia Vilhelm presents a fascinating collection of complex and symbolic oil paintings.

Featured Artist Judy Jacobs

Painter Judy Jacobs delights her audience with colorful and charming abstracts that explore the boundaries of creativity.

Featured Artist Andre Chatelain

Featured artist and oil painter Andre Chatelain shares a portfolio inspired by his travels and connection with Africa.

Featured Artist Rebecca Fullerton

Oil painter Rebecca Fullerton presents a portfolio that captures the landscape of New Hampshire in all seasons. See more of her work on her website.     The silence of an alpine meadow is broken only by the crunch of my boots on the trail. A tapestry of stunted spruce, rocky crags and flowers stretches […]

Featured Artist Alex Bond

Featured artist Alex Bond shares a collection of classic paintings created in the style of the Dutch Masters.

Featured Artist Patricia Scarborough

Experience an amazing collection of nature-inspired works brought to life by the hand of painter Patricia Scarborough.

Featured Artist Terry Romero Paul

Enjoy the colorful oil paintings of California artist Terry Romero Paul, who presents a calming and ethereal portfolio.

Featured Artist Agnes Jorgensen

Canadian oil painter Agnes Jorgensen presents a collection of figurative paintings based on memories and world travel.

Featured Artist Heidi Pitre

Artist Heidi Pitre presents two collections that reflect her love of nostalgia and capturing personal memories.

Featured Artist Aruna Rao

Enjoy the work of Florida impressionist oil painter Aruna Rao, who presents a portfolio of landscapes created in a sunshine state of mind.

Featured Artist Barney Levitt

Enjoy the portfolio of featured artist and oil painter Barney Levitt, who approaches his creative work with humor and charm.

Artist Showcase, Early Spring 2024

Artsy Shark celebrates the work of dozens of talented artists in various mediums in our newest showcase of art.