Featured Artist Jennifer Holstrom

Enter the creative world of artist Jennifer Holstrom, whose vibrant paintings focus on the empowerment of women. See more of her work on her website.


Painting of a woman applying lipstick by Jennifer Holstrom

“Frosting” acrylic and paper on canvas, 24″ x 30″


I’ve been an artist my entire life. I chose to pursue graphic design as a way of making a living while staying in a creative field. Then I began painting seriously in 2008.


Portrait of an Asian woman by Jennifer Holstrom

“Eastern Sun” acrylic, gold leaf and paper on canvas, 24″ x 36″


As a creative person, a traumatized human, and a woman in our society, I have a fire inside me to break out of feeling oppressed, hidden, and silenced. I have an innate desire to express myself and my feelings through my artwork. Expressing oneself in authenticity is a scary concept.


Painting of a woman drinking a cocktail by Jennifer Holstrom

“Tipsy” acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36″


In my life and my creative work, I am committed to meeting my fear head-on, and to stretching beyond it, perhaps even eviscerating it. I explore powerful color, contrast and texture. I also explore subject matter that is compelling to me and my sense of rebellion.


Painting of a colorful heart with flowers by Jennifer Holstrom

“Unstoppable” acrylic and paper on canvas, 20″ x 20″


I’ve been playing with the portrayal of people, specifically women, as beautiful, enigmatic and elegant, while also being multi-faceted, gorgeously human messes.


Portrait of a woman eating Cheetos by Jennifer Holstrom

“21 Grams Carbohydrate” acrylic and paper on canvas, 24″ x 36″


In our society, women are held to a ridiculous standard of perfection. But we are still just humans, coiffed, with lipstick, jewelry, to-do lists, and plowing through a bag of chips.


portrait of an earth mother by Jennifer Holstrom

“Mother” acrylic on canvas, 42″ x 42″


Conversely, women who are salt-of-the-earth types naturally contain within themselves the elegant and divine feminine—a powerful spirit, beauty, and awareness that comes through in their presence. I’m looking to capture that ferocity.


Portrait of a woman by Jennifer Holstrom

“Come Hither” acrylic, gold leaf & paper on canvas 36″ x 48″


I am inspired by black and white reference images from 1920s-50s photography of women in burlesque, actresses, musicians, dancers, performers of all kinds, shapes, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I am also inspired by my own trauma healing journey. I’m always making efforts to connect to the true power within myself.


vibrant abstract painting by Jennifer Holstrom

“Forty Five” acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 48″


My desire is to connect with those who can look at a person, or themselves, and see all the different facets. I’m calling out the juxtapositions of truths and facades that are inherent in our existence.


Portrait of a burlesque performer by Jennifer Holstrom

“Moment In The Light” acrylic and paper on canvas, 30″ x 30″


I have shown my work in several exhibitions around the Seattle area since 2011, as well as New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Taos, New Mexico.


Painting of a skull and flowers by Jennifer Holstrom

“Bone and Petal” acrylic, 32″ x 46″


As a professional graphic designer by day, painting offers me a release from the structure of purpose and monetary-driven design. Painting offers me a license to create the things I want to see in the world. It allows me to shine a light on the issues that I feel need more consideration and discussion.


Jennifer Holstrom invites you to follow her on Instagram.


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