Featured Artist Laura Blue Palmer

Artist Laura Blue Palmer paints a mesmerizing dance between blossoms and the delicate grace of birds and butterflies. Visit her website to see more of her art.


Floral painting with chickadee

“Chickadee Floral” oil on panel, 17″ x 13″


I am originally from Virginia but currently live in western Montana. My grandfather, Allen Ingles Palmer, was a well-known illustrator and watercolor artist based out of Southwestern Virginia.


Oil painting of clouds and birds in flight

“Flight” oil on panel, 15″ x 14″


My grandad died in a plane crash in 1950 en route to New York City to attend his own solo art show. Although I did not know him, I grew up surrounded by his incredible artwork and I am directly influenced by him and his artwork legacy.


floral painting with birds

“Yellow Warblers” oil on panel, 34″ x 24″


My earliest memories are of drawing and painting. I have always processed my emotions through making art, studying art, and sharing art. I can only imagine working next to him in his Virginia studio.


painting of red winged blackbird

“Red Winged Blackbird” oil on canvas, 10″ x 10″


I fell in love with oil paint in college. I love that it is forgiving and luminous. And I love that I can make it into almost anything; there are so many tools and mediums that you can use with it. My process includes making light elements in the land and sky, shapes and lines in my abstract work, and tiny details and flashes of color with knife work in my birds. I feel like there are limitless options with oils.


Painting of a sky and clouds

“Open Spaces” oil on panel, 15″ x 14″


I’m mostly known for creating intuitive atmospheric landscapes inspired by sunsets, skies, mountains, and water. These creations come from a deep love of nature and spending hours outdoors hiking.


Floral painting with cedar waxwing

“Cedar Waxwing Floral” oil on panel, 26″ x 24″


I find that nature provides a spiritual escape for me. I reach into my dreams and memories to recreate places I have seen. This is an intuitive process for me. Painting gives me endless hours of deep meditation and guidance.


Floral painting with swallowtail

“Swallowtail” oil on panel, 25″ x 22″


While my landscape work is ongoing, I also have been building bodies of bird and abstract work. My bird work was a way for me to understand my big backyard and learn about each species through painting.


floral oil painting with bird

“Lavender Breasted Roller” oil on panel, 26″ x 21″


This past summer I began merging all of my techniques and incorporating birds into dreamy backgrounds while adding elements of my more modern abstract work and exploring colorful botanicals.


Floral painting with tree swallow

“Tree Swallow Floral” oil on panel, 27″ x 22″


The work  that I am sharing celebrates all of my unique painting styles. My newest work celebrates my affection for the bird world, my love of color, and the use of intentional line work. My wish is for my collectors to find happiness, harmony, and calm in viewing my paintings.


Laura  Blue Palmer invites you to follow her on Instagram.



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  1. These are so pleasant. Flight is my favorite.

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