Featured Artist Laura Scott

Fiber artist Laura Scott shares a delightful collection of nature-inspired designs. See more of  her portfolio by visiting her website.


bluebird nature fiber collage

“Bluebird Dream” art quilt collage,  20″ x 16″


My name is Laura Scott and I’m an art quilter and collage artist. I started taking my art seriously later in life. Some folks have tried to steer me into other career paths, but thankfully I never let go of that creative spark.


nature design art quilt

“Gaia” art quilt, 42″ x 26″


Many years ago, I went to a quilt show and saw so many fascinating textures and images brought out by using thread and fabric. I started exploring the world of quilts around me, from vintage ones at museums and those passed down within my family to more modern aesthetics.


art quilt collage on slate

“Inflorescence” mixed media on slate, 8.5″ x 8.5″


A generous quilter gave me a treasure trove of fabric scraps to begin my stash. Now as a quilter myself, I have come to appreciate the art and rich history of quilting. In fabric I see color variations, textures, and prints that can be manipulated to create visions and through some of those fabric scraps they begin to connect the past and the future.


geometric art quilt

“Equilibrium” art quilt, 35″ x 23″


I’ve been drawing and finding creative outlets all of my life. I’m drawn most to vivid colors and textures. The sky was never just blue, but rather rich with hues of greens, pinks, and purples.


rainbow art quilt

“Paint Me a Rainbow” art quilt, 29″x 21″


I have immersed myself in various mediums, each offering a unique canvas to express myself. I have played with paints, charcoals, pastels and more, but it was fabric that finally felt right to me. It challenges me. However, I don’t just stick to art quilts. Many of those fabrics get fused into fabric and paint collages on natural slate too.


art quilt collage of a heron

“The Great Blue Way” art quilt collage, 26.5″ x 18″


Even small pieces of fabric eventually find a home in one of my creations. We have all experienced mental and physical trials in our lives. These emotions have come out in many of my quilts. What keeps me grounded is the solace I find in the natural world around me.


nature inspired art quilt

“Common Ground” art quilt, 42″ x 26″


Using fabrics and paints allows me to bring the beauty and interconnection of our world to others. Despite the challenges, my art continues to evolve, reflecting my creativity and appreciation for the inexplicable connections to nature.


Baltimore oriole fiber art on slate

“Baltimore Oriole” mixed media on slate, 11″ x 6.75″


Sometimes I explore images that are direct representations, while others can be more abstract. My art explores the world around me while evoking emotions, thoughts, and connections through thread and paint. It’s about exploring what makes the picture come to life- not just the image, but the deepest connections that resonate with us and the world around us.


nature inspired fiber collage on slate

“The Crooner” mixed media on slate, 12.5″ x 5″


In the end I’m just trying to keep myself grounded and creative. Sharing what I experience with the community that surrounds me in person and online.


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