Featured Artist Peter Livens

Belgian artist Peter Livens presents an exquisite collection of works in pastel created in a classic style. Learn more by visiting his website.


classic still life in pastel by Peter Livens

“Boch Malines” pastel, 80 x 36 cm


Since early childhood, I have been interested in drawing and painting. I attended the Art Academy (High School for the Arts) in Lier, Belgium. When I was 18, I started my higher education in Visual Arts in Antwerp and graduated five years later.


stack of teacups classic still life in pastel

“Boch Cups Gathering” pastel, 20 x 30 cm


As a visual artist, nature has always inspired me. However, I also look beyond the purely realistic representation. Light and atmosphere are key elements in my oeuvre.


pastel drawing of Christmas ornaments

“Colours of Christmas Past” pastel, 33 x 28 cm


It still fascinates me to see how light can be so different depending on the time of day, the geographic location and the season. Being in a certain place at a certain time can create a unique tangible atmosphere.


pastel drawing of an abandoned building

“The Schoon Plaats” pastel, 40 x 50 cm


I try to evoke in my work the feelings that I experience. This explains why dilapidated and abandoned buildings have become one of my favorite subjects. There is often a special, mysterious atmosphere in these buildings. Everything there is worn out, with a story to tell.


pastel drawing of an old chateau interior

“The Abandoned Chateau” pastel, 84 x 54 cm


After a long and interesting journey through the world of charcoal drawing, I turned to pastel art. The pastel medium fits perfectly with what I want to realize—to create light and atmosphere. I try to achieve this through balanced tones and colors, respecting their subtle nuances.


still life in pastel, butter and sugar

“The Sticky Jar” pastel, 32 x 20 cm


For my still life paintings, I gather objects on the canvas that together tell a story in complete silence. It is up to the viewers to fill in this story based on their own personal experiences.


pastel landscape of Grand Calanque, France

“Grand Calanque (France)” pastel, 72 x 52 cm


It is also a quest for a balanced composition and beauty of things through textures, reflections and the play of light on objects. Spatiality also plays an important role in this. Within this space, I want the play of light to show its full power, in order to create a quiet beauty.


pastel landscape of a beach in France

“Le Touquet (Paris Plage)” pastel, 74 x 54 cm


I have been a member of the Royal Art Circle Het Steen for many years. We meet weekly to draw and paint in the studio. Gradually I have taken on the role of teacher. I enjoy sharing with others my passion and experience for drawing and pastel.


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