Featured Artist Marilyn Henrion

Artist Marilyn Henrion introduces a new series of hand quilted mixed media works inspired by urban and natural settings. See more by visiting her website.


hand quilted mixed media urban scene

“Innuendo 1-Chicago” mixed media, hand quilted, 40” x 30″


Relocating to Texas in 2022 after living in the heart of New York City for over 90 years had a huge impact on my artwork. My aesthetic vision, which had been deeply rooted in the urban geometry of my surroundings, began to embrace the wonders of the natural world.


hand quilted mixed media image of a coral bed

“Innuendo 15-Coral Bed” mixed media, hand quilted, 30” x 40″


I could almost feel the re-wiring of my brain as my new works began to reflect this transformation. During the past two years, I have completed four new series of works, the latest being Innuendos.


hand quilted fiber art image of Dallas Arboretum

“Innuendo 19-Dallas Arboretum” mixed media, hand quilted, 40” x 30”


Although all the images I create from my original photographs are digitally manipulated by me before I commit them to a work, I am often conflicted about how much abstraction I want to employ.


quilted mixed media image of Manhattan

“Innuendo 16-Manhattan” mixed media, hand quilted, 30” x 40″”


A fascination with the detail in the subject vies with the personal emotional component conveyed in the abstraction. This conflict resonates with the poem by Wallace Stevens, from which the title of this series is derived..…

I do not know which to prefer,
The beauty of inflections
Or the beauty of innuendos,
The blackbird whistling
Or just after.

My process of photographic manipulation combined with traditional quilting techniques results in contemporary yet timeless works. They reflect both modern artistic sensibilities and a deep appreciation for time-honored craft.


fiber art mixed media quilted image of coral

“Innuendo 7-Coral Bed” mixed media, hand quilted, 30” x 40”


This integration of techniques and materials highlights the dynamic interplay between texture, color, and form. The meticulous process of hand quilting adds a layer of intimacy and texture that can’t be replicated by machines. Each stitch is a deliberate act, contributing to the overall narrative of the pieces.


natural image of tree roots rendered as fiber art

“Innuendo 20-Roots” mixed media, hand quilted, 40” x 30”


Many of the works in this series are inspired by nature, capturing the essence of lush landscapes and vibrant flora. In the Roots works, I found myself enraptured by the natural beauty and mystique of embedded tree roots. Their intricate patterns and strength serve as a testament to the resilience of nature itself. The tangled roots twine and twist, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow.


mixed media quilted image of roots

“Innuendo 13-Roots” mixed media, hand quilted, 30” x 40″


Reflecting my deep connection to urban life, several works in this series return to the dynamic and ever-changing beauty of the cityscape. They immerse viewers in the hidden layers of the metropolis.


quilted mixed media fiber art of the interior of a building

“Innuendo 14-Preston Place Interior” mixed media, hand quilted, 40” x 30”


My works are included in museum, corporate and private collections internationally. I am represented in the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Art. Catalogs of each of my series is documented in publications that are available on Amazon. Innuendos is being released now.


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