Artist Storytelling: 10 Content Ideas

Artist Storytelling

by Carolyn Edlund As a working artist, you are fascinating to the public in general. But you can connect more deeply with people by telling stories about the themes and subjects you use in your work and why they … [Read more]

Featured Artist Peter Livens

stack of teacups classic still life in pastel

Belgian artist Peter Livens presents an exquisite collection of works in pastel created in a classic style. Learn more by visiting his website.     Since early childhood, I have been interested in drawing and painting. I attended … [Read more]

Featured Artist Misty Dempsey

abstract painting of a tidepool by Misty Dempsey

Artist Misty  Dempsey shares a luscious portfolio of flowing, organic nature-inspired paintings. Enjoy her work and see more by visiting her website.     Prana, qi, mana, ki, plasma, and the field are just a few of the names for … [Read more]

Featured Artist Roopa Dudley

whimsical forest landscape with tiger by Roopa Dudley

Enjoy the charming and whimsical portfolio of artist Roopa Dudley, whose love of chess defines her distinctive style. View more of her work on her website.     I was born in Karachi, Pakistan on July 6, 1972. In 1988, my family … [Read more]

Featured Artist Aryana Londir

boldly colored contemporary collage by Aryana Londir

Artist Aryana Londir presents a collection of contemporary textural collage that combines influences. See more by visiting her website.     Growing up in a rural area of Connecticut, I felt solace in the natural environs of … [Read more]

Does Your Price Point Range Fit these Shoppers?

Do you price points fit these customers?

Increase your art sales by offering a range of price points for certain occasions and types of customers.     Part of a sound sales strategy for artists who want to make a living is to have a price point spread. This opens your … [Read more]

Featured Artist Terri Crowley

digital painting of a black horse and chandelier

Equestrian artist Terri Crowley shares a great love of horses and nature in her stunning portfolio. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     I am an equestrian artist with roots in Frankenmuth, Michigan, and a heart … [Read more]

Featured Artist Joyce Mayer

pen drawing of Lichtenstein

Pen and pencil artist Joyce Mayer presents a collection of drawings rendered in exquisite detail. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     From childhood, growing up in Boston, I've always been interested in art. My … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jocelyn Friis

Bold abstract landscape painting by Jocelyn Friis

Artist Jocelyn Friis shares a dreamlike portfolio of abstract landscapes, drawn from memories and inspired by nature. See more by visiting her website.     I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. The Atlantic ocean was on one side … [Read more]

Featured Artist Steve Slocomb

Photograph of an old wagon in snow in a Western ghost town

Photographer Steve Slocomb explores the history and legends of an Old West ghost town. See more of his portfolio by visiting his website.     In 1970, after a short-lived career in the aerospace industry I pivoted into media … [Read more]

Develop Your Own Signature Style

nature-inspired teapot by Helene Fiedler

by Carolyn Edlund Does your work stand out, with a recognizable and memorable style that says it’s yours?     The founder of a photography school once bemoaned the fact that she constantly received submissions from artists … [Read more]

Featured Artist Susan Miller-Havens

painting of a Zoom meeting by Susan Miller-Havens

Artist Susan Miller-Havens presents a collection of paintings that capture human relationships with humor and insight. Find more of her work by visiting her website.     As I enter my eighth decade I am reflecting on where my … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jessica Mungekar

Blue painted cement sphere

Artist Jessica Mungekar presents a collection of unusual sculpture that fulfills her artistic vision and contributes to the community. See more by visiting her website.     My professional development has been anything but a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mitchell Gibson

Surreal painting Vision of God by Mitchell Gibson

Artist Mitchell Gibson shares a compelling story and a selection of works from his surreal portfolio. Find more by visiting his website.     I was born in a small tobacco farming community. My parents did not get along well and … [Read more]