Art Business Success: Design for Interiors

Designer Veretta Garrison-Moeller creates art that is translated into interior furnishings

Art can translate perfectly into different formats that enhance living environments. Each of these five artists approaches the marketplace for interior design products in their own unique way.     Furnishings With a background in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Bea Roberts

“Together” Watercolour and Drawing Pens, 10” x 8” by artist Bea Roberts. See her portfolio by visiting

Delightfully eccentric, the mixed media art of artist Beatrice Roberts exudes a playful energy. Enjoy more of her work by visiting her website.     I am a mixed media artist from Nottingham in the United Kingdom and my style of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Carl H. Bradford

"Miles Davis Kinda Blue" Ink, Watercolor, Pastel, Pencil and Conte on Paper, 25" x 38" by artist Carl H. Bradford. See his portfolio by visiting

Artist Carl H. Bradford’s recent mixed media works focus on jazz, telling a visual story about the artists and their music. Learn more by visiting his website.     My name is Carl H. Bradford III. I'm a bit of a creative idealist … [Read more]

Featured Artist Barney Levitt

“Back To School” Oil on Canvas, 10” x 10” by artist Barney Levitt. See his portfolio by visiting

Artist Barney Levitt is drawn to detail, creating oil paintings that cross over from realism to whimsy. Enjoy the portfolio of this quirky realist and visit his website to see more of his fascinating art.     The outdoors played … [Read more]

Featured Artist Diane Jorstad

“Red Silk Flowers & Apples” Oil, 36” x 24” by artist Diane Jorstad. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Diane Jorstad’s paintings and colored pencil drawings of landscapes, portraits and still lifes reflect her love of light, color and form. Find more of her art by visiting her website.     My art is about life. I consider … [Read more]

Artist Success: Marketing Tips from a Pro

"Galilee" oil on panel, 25" x 25" by artist Donna Lee Nyzio. See her interview at

by Carolyn Edlund Painter Donna Lee Nyzio knows that she owns her own success, and has developed strategies to find and maximize opportunities to sell her work.     Listening to Donna Nyzio speak to a crowded conference, one is … [Read more]

Featured Artist Efrat Baler

“Unveiled” Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Pencil and Marker on Canvas, 38.5” x 40” x 4” by artist Efrat Baler-Moses. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Efrat Baler creates “realized paintings” by incorporating three-dimensional elements that move beyond the canvas. Learn more about her fascinating approach by visiting her website.     Space: My next … [Read more]

Featured Artist John Hintz

"Autumn" Photography, Various Sizes by artist John Hintz. See his portfolio by visiting

Photographer John Hintz uses inverted color to capture fascinating details of the flora of southwest Florida. Visit his website to view more of his striking portfolio.     As you will see in my “Inverted Color Images of Nature … [Read more]

Featured Artist Heather W. Ernst

“Flock of Birds” Acrylic on Canvas, 36” x 36” by artist Heather W. Ernst. See her portfolio by visiting

Painter Heather W. Ernst presents a collection of energetic abstract art using vivid colors. Visit her website to see more.     The most frequent comments I get are, “I feel so happy when I look at your art,” and “I don’t usually … [Read more]

Featured Artist Claude McCoy

"The Tear" Digital Algorithmic, 40" x 40" by artist Claude McCoy. See his portfolio by visiting

At the age of 70, Claude McCoy became a pioneer in creating digital algorithmic images. Prepare to be transported by the ethereal beauty found in his work. See more by visiting his website.     I fell in love with art in junior … [Read more]

Want to Enter the Wholesale Marketplace?

Handmade glass by Shawn Messenger

Are you ready to take your art or handmade products into the wholesale market? Start planning ahead of time.     Small creative entrepreneurs often work alone or perhaps with a partner, but jumping into the wholesale marketplace … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karen Lee

“YES!” Mixed Media—Photography and Fiber Arts, 32.5” x 21.5” by artist Karen Lee. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Karen Lee combines photography and fiber art in her exploration of relationships and feelings. Learn more by visiting her website.     For many years as a psychotherapist I worked with countless adults who were struggling … [Read more]

Featured Artist Elaine Florimonte

"I Want to Walk With You I" Acrylic on Panel, 10" x 10" by artist Elaine Florimonte. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Elaine Florimonte’s abstract landscape paintings consist of layers of paint that focus on the interaction of light. To see more of her art,  vist her website.     I love paint. Love it. Really, really love it. I love to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sandra Pearce

“Home for Breakfast” Watercolor, 15” x 11” by artist Sandra Pearce. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Sandra Pearce creates ethereal watercolors that transport the viewer to magical and familiar places. Enjoy her paintings and visit her website for more.     Born in England, I came to America on the Queen Mary, where I … [Read more]