Featured Artist Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

cityscape photography by Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

Artist Judith Rothenstein-Putzer expands the boundaries of reality with her photographic mixed media images. See more of her compelling portfolio by visiting her website.     A native New Yorker, I majored in art at Brooklyn … [Read more]

Featured Artist Vic Mastis

pastel floral portrait by Vic Mastis

Artist Vic Mastis creates stunning, illuminated pastel paintings that glow with life. See more of her ethereal portfolio on her website.     My world led me to being an artist.     At a young age I knew I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Tom Shepherd

watercolor of a rhinocerous by Tom Shepherd

British artist Tom Shepherd shares a captivating portfolio of light-filled watercolors based on his love of wildlife. See more by visiting his website.     As a child my two greatest loves were art and wildlife. As an adult, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Susan McCollough

abstract painting by Susan McCollough

Artist Susan McCollough creates boldly colorful abstract paintings in large format. Enjoy her dynamic portfolio and see more by visiting her website.     Every artist seems to have a story to tell. As the age-old adage states, … [Read more]

How I Create NFT Art

Photographer Andrew Mease

by Andrew Mease Photographer Andrew Mease explains this new trend, how it works, and what he learned from becoming an NFT artist.     I am a fine art photographer in South Florida, specializing in the diverse and exotic … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sandy Oppenheimer

paper collage by Sandy Oppenheimer

Enjoy artist Sandy Oppenheimer's portfolio of beautifully textured and patterned paper collage. See more by visiting her website.     I paint with paper.     Although self-taught, I have had many inspiring … [Read more]

Featured Artist Yükselle Hassan

landscape painting by Yukselle Hassan

Artist Yükselle Hassan’s atmospheric canvases are filled with swirling patterns of color and light. View more of her paintings on her website.     The day I noticed nature around me for the first time as a child, I had this … [Read more]

Featured Artist Alan McKee

digitally painted photo by Alan McKee

Digital artist Alan McKee uses the computer to paint with light and move beyond traditional art. View more of his artwork on his website.     I have been around visual art all my life. I paraphrase Hans Hofmann by saying art is … [Read more]

Featured Artist Pamela Resnick

painting of radishes by Pamela Resnick

Artist Pamela Resnick expresses a great love of nature in her gentle, expressive oil paintings. Find more of her portfolio on her website.     I have always been a creative person, but my first job set the stage for my … [Read more]

A Partner to Creative Entrepreneurs

Artsy greeting card by UK artist Katherine Williams

by Carolyn Edlund This provider helps artists develop gift products and enter lucrative new markets.     Wraptious is a UK-based platform that supports artists by transforming their work into products for both wholesale and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Elijah Gunn

floral photography by Elijah Gunn

Inspired by the complex beauty of flowers, artist Elijah Gunn reveals their secrets through macro photography. See more of his work by visiting his website.     My art is a reflection of how I approach beauty in real … [Read more]

Featured Artist Petra Pinn

painting of an interior with a dog by Petra Pinn

Artist Petra Pinn’s delightful paintings are inspired by travel, vintage décor, and a love of pattern. Enjoy more of her work by visiting her website.     How did I get into painting?     As a kid I enjoyed … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dan Droz

abstract mixed media sculpture by Dan Droz

Artist Dan Droz explores the concept of multiple realities in his abstract mixed media sculpture. Find more of his fascinating portfolio on his website.     Art is magic... But how? In its metaphysical development? Or does some … [Read more]

Featured Artist Merrimon Kennedy

painting of summer in the Southwest by Merrimon Kennedy

Plein air artist Merrimon Kennedy uses bold strokes and colors to create painterly landscapes of the American Southwest. Enjoy more by visiting her website.     Running an art gallery was not my career plan when I was in college. … [Read more]