Featured Artist Donald Hill

fine art photograph of tulips

Fine art photographer Donald Hill shares a collection of nature images focused on capturing the quality of light. See more on his website.     After I retired as an architect in Seattle, I found time to spend on my growing … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dawn Miller

Colorful oil painting landscape

Artist  Dawn Miller presents a collection of landscape oil paintings that are a visual delight. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I am a dedicated artist located in the Saint Louis area. My captivating … [Read more]

Featured Artist Suzy French

Abstract landscape by Australian artist Suzy French

Australian painter Suzy French shares a portfolio of contemporary landscapes created in her distinctive signature style. Find more from this artist by visiting her website.     I am a full-time artist. I have lived in the far … [Read more]

Improve Your Art Website “About” Page

Improve your website about page

These essentials will help your website visitors get more out of their visit and come to know you better as an artist.     Keep your content customer focused. Yes, your About page is about you—but it’s about your customer too. The … [Read more]

Featured Artist Anne Burtt

detail of a work of fused glass art by Anne Burtt

Artist Anne Burtt presents a fascinating portfolio of fused glass artwork created using a complex process. See more about this artist on her website.     My art captivates with its intricate design and bold use of color. Drawing on … [Read more]

Featured Artist Janice Ecinja McCaskill

Acrylic portrait by Janice Ecinja McCaskill

Enjoy the charming narrative portfolio of artist Janice Ecinja McCaskill, whose work delights the eye and heart. See more art on her website.     Capturing an idea quickly on a blank canvas is key!     My … [Read more]

Featured Artist Shane Cooper

Carved book by artist Shane Cooper

Enter the fascinating world of Shane Cooper, who reimagines old books from the dust of history into new life as works of art. See more of his portfolio on his website.     My work is an expression of how life happens. I take old … [Read more]

Featured Artist Vera Neel

landscape with frosted trees by Vera Neel

Painter Vera Neel shares a fascinating story of her journey as an artist, and a collection from her beautiful portfolio. See more of her work on her website.     My journey as an artist began relatively late in life. However, my … [Read more]

Call for Artists, Winter 2024

Featured Artist Collage

Artsy Shark is searching for 48 artists in all mediums to feature and promote in the coming months. We are currently accepting submissions.     Artsy Shark showcases the talents of visual artists through individually published … [Read more]

Featured Artist Daniel Baharier

Bronze sculpture of a diver

Artist Daniel Baharier shares an incredible collection of bronze sculpture that celebrates the beauty and athleticism of the human body. See more by visiting his website.     Mediums I work in are the most plastic of the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Liz Ahmet

"Natalie" white pastel scribble art on black paper, 21cm x 30cm

Artist Liz Ahmet finds beauty in chaos through her striking portraits created with poured paint and scribble techniques. See more by visiting her website.     I aim to create interesting and emotive artwork in an unpredictable … [Read more]

Featured Artist Edy Seaver

abstract painting by Edy Seaver

Artist Edy Seaver shares a collection of ethereal abstract paintings that create a calm and peaceful mood. See more by visiting her website.     Some things are just meant to be. I had just sold my office supply business and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Bill McCauley

pastel painting of a tree in a meadow by Bill McCauley

Artist Bill McCauley presents a collection of pastel landscapes inspired by the fragility of nature. View more of his work on his website.     Like most kids, my hand was never far from a crayon. It gradually morphed into a … [Read more]

Make Your Studio Business Resilient

As a working artist, do you have everything in place to keep your art business sustainable through challenges and difficulties?     CERF+ (Craft Emergency Relief Fund + Artists’ Emergency Resources) is an organization that has … [Read more]