Featured Artist Robert Dodge

Digital Photograph of a Vietnamese woman selling baguettes by Robert Dodge

Artist Robert Dodge presents a dramatic series of photographs showing Vietnam's evolution over the past forty years. View more of his work by visiting his website.     Near the end of a 2005 trip to Vietnam, I found myself … [Read more]

Featured Artist Andrea England

Watercolor of the view of the ocean through trees by Andrea England

Artist Andrea England captures the beauty of the ocean in her colorful, stylized watercolor paintings. Learn more by visiting her website.     When you think of an art studio, a sailboat might not be what comes to mind. Painting … [Read more]

Featured Artist Brian Sholdt

Abstract acrylic painting by Brian Sholdt

Artist Brian Sholdt presents a portfolio of carefully layered, multifaceted acrylic paintings inspired by music. Enjoy his work and visit his website to see more.     As a kid, I gained attention by making art, dancing and … [Read more]

Engage the Senses with Your Booth Display

Shoppers looking at handmade merchandise

by Carolyn Edlund Appeal to shoppers with a display of your art or handmade work that presents beautifully and invites sensory engagement.     A veteran shopper was recently asked whether she purchases gifts online, and … [Read more]

Artist Showcase Late Fall 2019

Pastel of a bird over the ocean by John Held

Enjoy our Showcase featuring the work of fifteen artists working in a wide variety of mediums and styles. Click on each artist's name to learn more about them.     John Davis Held My work is known for having a strong sense of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lisa Botto Lee

Graphite portrait of Keith Richards by Lisa Botto Lee

Artist Lisa Botto Lee creates striking portraiture in a variety of mediums. See more of her memorable portfolio by visiting her website.     I grew up in Northern New Jersey, part of a family of artists. My lineage traces back … [Read more]

Featured Artist Marc Poisson

Oil painting of a street in Pilgrim's Rest, South Africa, by Marc Poisson

Oil painter Marc Poisson captures the dramatic beauty of Australian and South African landscapes. View more of his art by visiting his website.     From as early as I can remember I had an intense interest in the fine arts. I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Christopher Marona

Photograph of a herd of horses running through the moonlit snow by Christopher Marona

Artist Christopher Marona photographs the breathtaking beauty and drama of the American West. See more of his work by visiting his website.     I photograph the beauty and dramatic icons of the American West—its wide and diverse … [Read more]

Streamline Your Studio Production

artist studio

by Carolyn  Edlund Increase profitability, control your costs, and save your sanity by becoming more efficient in the studio.     Make a Production Calendar A simple calendar system can keep your studio projects on-task by … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jean Hirons

Pastel landscape of the C&O Canal in Georgetown by Jean Hirons

Artist Jean Hirons uses soft pastels and a harmonious color palette to create luminous, welcoming landscapes. See more of her stunning work by visiting her website.     In 2011, the Pastel Journal dubbed me the “Architect of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Daniela Kouzov

Ceramic bowl with orbs by Daniela Kouzov

Ceramic artist Daniela Kouzov presents a portfolio of altered vessels and sculptural pieces inspired by nature. Visit her website to see more of her work.     From a very early age, I was exposed to and encouraged by my parents … [Read more]

Featured Artist Peggy Stokes

Abstract alcohol ink painting by Peggy Stokes

Artist Peggy Stokes creates stunning alcohol ink paintings by blending and moving the inks into vividly colorful, swirling images. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website for more.     I am a self-taught artist, which I find … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kristi Abbott

Mixed media paper collage of a man by Kristi Abbott

Artist Kristi Abbott creates intricate paper collages built with layers of texture, pattern and color. See more of her exciting and innovative work by visiting her website.     As a young girl, I always loved to play games that … [Read more]

Why Artists Must Develop a Network

Art-related networking event

by Carolyn Edlund The network of contacts you develop can have an immense influence on your success as an artist.     Artists need exposure, for their work and for themselves. It's essential in order to find opportunities, … [Read more]