Featured Artist Sharon Deveaux

Jewelry pendant made with camera parts by Sharon Deveaux

Using various camera parts, artist Sharon Deveaux creates intriguing jewelry, assemblage art and fun figures she calls “The Camera Crew.” See more by visiting her website.     My discovery of the parts found in vintage film … [Read more]

Featured Artist Linda Dumont

"Kentucky Derby" Oil, 30" x 20"

Linda Dumont's expressive paintings and pastels flow with color, joy and movement. View her website to learn more about this artist and her work.     I see color and shape in the world around me. My daily life is fed by the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Shawn Marie Hardy

"A Little Give Take" Analog Collage, 11" x 12"

Artist Shawn Marie Hardy creates surrealistic collages that evoke dreams, fantasy and alternate realities. Visit her website to learn more about her work.     From the moment I could finger paint, art was my calling. An … [Read more]

Featured Artist Andie Freeman

"A Lovely Afternoon" Oil on Cradled Birch Wood with Stained Wood Sides, 22" x 30" x 2"

Andie Freeman's thoughtful and elegant paintings tell stories of the past. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website to learn more.     I have always loved hearing stories. For me, the best ones are rooted in … [Read more]

Conversation on the State of Art Licensing

The State of Art Licensing, a conversation with Lance Klass

by Carolyn Edlund I recently spoke with Lance Klass, President of Porterfield’s Fine Art Licensing. He shared insights on industry changes and how to succeed in the business.     AS:  You are an art licensing agent and an expert … [Read more]

Featured Artist Vivian Saich

"Eve" Porcelain Torso Wall Piece, 15" x 19" x 5"

Artist Vivian Saich's passion is throwing, handbuilding, and carving porcelain to create a body of work in flowing, organic shapes. Visit her website to see more.     I remember the feeling when I was very young, of making pretty … [Read more]

Featured Artist Bernard Boffi

“Spira” Acrylic on Linen, 70” x 90”

Bernard Boffi's remarkable paintings create a link between our reality and what cannot be seen. Learn more about his work by visiting his website.     When I was a child, my belief was that objects were formed by the character … [Read more]

Featured Artist T Barny

Artist T Barny with "DAUPHI"N in Process, Italian Alabaster, 16" x 22" x 12"

Artist and sculptor T Barny explains why he “breaks rock.” Enjoy his dynamic portfolio and see more by visiting his website.     Pablo Picasso once said, “Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.” I have been … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kim Walker

"Neutral Buoyancy" Botanical Mixed Media, 22" x 22" x 2"

Artist Kim Walker highlights botanicals and the beauty of nature in her mixed media paintings and totems. View more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     My artwork is one of my greatest passions. It is pure joy knowing I … [Read more]

Santa Fe Art-Business Conference

Santa Fe Art-Business Conference 2019

Join us this September for a dynamic three-day conference for working artists in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.     The Third Annual Santa Fe Art-Business Conference will take place on September 16, 17 and 18, 2019 at the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dalya Sayed

"Whisper" Photography, 36" x 20"

Photographer Dalya Sayed explores the natural world with a passion for capturing the story behind each image. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     Throughout my life I’ve been a lover of nature and an adventurer … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kimberly Santini

Pressed Flower detail, painting by Kimberly Santini

Ethereal figures emerge from dreamlike backgrounds in these paintings by artist Kimberly Santini. See more of her fascinating portfolio by visiting her website.     I have always been a painter, even when life circumstances … [Read more]

Artist Showcase Late Spring 2019

"Reflection" Watercolor, 11" x 7.75" by Artist Gayle Isabelle Ford

Catch this collection of artists in this showcase featuring a wide range of subject, style and inspiration. Click on each artist's name to see more of their work.     Louise Laplante My work connects the texts, and ideas, in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sue Steele Thomas

“NEON i8 BMW” Gouache, 26” x 22”

Enjoy artist Sue Steele Thomas' fantasy-like gouache paintings of automobiles. View more of her work by visiting her website.     My roots started in a region of southwest Virginia called Christiansburg. Everyone encouraged me … [Read more]