Featured Artist Pamela Trueblood

Floral painting by Pamela Trueblood

Artist Pamela Trueblood shares a joyful connection to the earth in her colorful collection of garden paintings. Visit her website to see more of her work.     As a voracious reader, a treehouse builder, a jazz and opera lover, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Freddy Enguix

landscape photography of the Matterhorn by Freddy Enguix

Experience the breathtaking beauty of nature captured in the stunning portfolio of photographer Freddy Enguix. See more of his work on his website.     Who I am? Well…I am a Spanish photographer with a love for travel and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rob Fannin

surreal figurative painting by Rob Fannin

Artist Rob Fannin creates surreal, dreamlike paintings through an intuitive process. Enjoy his fascinating portfolio and view more of his art on his website.     I create art as a vehicle to expand sense of self beyond the … [Read more]

How Artists Can Use QR Codes

QR Code example Artsy Shark

by Carolyn Edlund QR codes can be used in many ways to promote your brand, share information and even provide immersive experiences.     Looking like a strange twist on a barcode, QR (quick response) codes are unique digital … [Read more]

Featured Artist Katrina Swanson

painting of old bicycles by Katrina Swanson

Artist Katrina Swanson presents a collection of nostalgic oil paintings that bring memories to life. Visit her website to see more of her artwork.     I’ve been interested in making things from an early age. I would bounce around … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rashad Ali Muhammad

figurative mixed media collage by Rashad Ali Muhammad

Artist Rashad Ali Muhammad draws on travel experiences in Africa to create meaningful mixed media collages that celebrate the spirit of his ancestors. Visit his website to see more art.     I'm an interdisciplinary artist who … [Read more]

Artist Showcase, Summer 2021

Stoneware clay cat sculpture by Brenda Armistead

Twenty-four artists have contributed favorite artworks to create a diverse and engaging showcase. Click on each artist's name to visit their website.     Laura Andrews I love the richness of oils as a medium and the depth of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Melinda Laz

figurative hand built ceramic by Melinda Laz

Artist Melinda Laz’s multi-layered handbuilt ceramic tiles feature charming, nostalgic vintage photographs. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     There’s a favorite childhood photo showing me in pigtails at my … [Read more]

Artful Gifts & Wearables

Artsy Journals by Rickale West and Roxy Wuz Here Art

by Carolyn Edlund Six artists expanded their collections to include gift and wearable items. They spoke about the inspiration for these products, and how they are selling the merchandise.     Joanie Bauer Hupp I have created my … [Read more]

Featured Artist Craig Higgins

floral photography by Craig S. Higgins

A trained artistic eye and wide range of interests inspired Craig S. Higgins to create a portfolio of stunning fine art photography. See more of his work by visiting his website.     As a youngster I always wanted to be involved … [Read more]

Featured Artist Abby Zonies

abstract painting by Abby Zonies

Artist Abby Zonies presents a selection of gouache and mixed media paintings that explode in a riot of color. Visit her website to see more of her work.     My work is a hallucinatory and raucous blend of color, marks and gesture … [Read more]

Featured Artist Wayne Fisher

black and white architectural photograph by Wayne Fisher

Artist Wayne Fisher presents a collection of striking and black and white architectural photography. Find more of his work on his website.     I am an artist—I create because this is what I believe I am meant to do. My journey … [Read more]

Featured Artist Hank Spirek

portrait painting by Hank Spirek

Artist Hank Spirek presents a fascinating portfolio of mixed media works that stretch the boundaries of realism. Visit his website to see more of his art.     I was born in 1947 and raised in Chicago, Illinois. In 1968 I … [Read more]

Guts vs. Talent

artist at the easel

by Carolyn Edlund Making art and selling art are very different endeavors, but mastering both is essential to success.     I recently had the pleasure of visiting two artist studios during a road trip. Both artists were painters … [Read more]