Featured Artist George Goodridge

abstract sculptural canvas installation by George Goodridge

Artist George Goodridge presents a collection of dimensional paintings based on geometry and abstraction. See more of his work by visiting his website.     My three-dimensional artworks cannot be classified as belonging to a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Katherine Greene

abstract expressionist painting by Katherine Greene

Artist Katherine Greene presents a collection of mindful abstract expressionist paintings brimming with vivid color and energy. Enjoy more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     My art is an expression of my personal … [Read more]

Featured Artist Swapnil Nevgi

painting of Australian parrots by Swapnil Nevgi

Artist Swapnil Nevgi presents a portfolio of detailed and romantic paintings of Australian wildlife. See more art by visiting his website.     My art journey began back when I was three years old in the coastal town of Goa, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Julie Bender

pyrography mixed media painting of a draft horse by Julie Bender

Artist Julie Bender conveys her love of wildlife through the unusual medium of pyrography. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website to see more.     I have loved art in all forms since I can remember. After graduating college … [Read more]

Create an Amazing About Page on Your Art Website


by Carolyn Edlund The About page is one of the most visited on every website. Here’s how to make yours more compelling.     Use your photo Believe it or not, people feel they know you when they have seen your photograph. It … [Read more]

Featured Artist Denis Barry

digital fractal image by Denis Barry

Artist Denis Barry is an "abstract experimentalist" working with digital fractal images. See more of his work by visiting his website.     Drawing has always been a passion. The only art education I ever had was drafting class in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Craig Shillam

still life painting of a gumball machine by Craig Shillam

Artist Craig Shillam creates oil paintings that express an interest in nostalgia and realism. Enjoy this collection and view more on his website.     Like so many others, I have been drawing and painting as long as I can … [Read more]

Artist Showcase, Late Fall 2020

B & W photography of a lake by Mark Roger Bailey

Discover compelling works of art in this showcase featuring a group of twenty-five artists who love what they're doing. Click on each artist's name to visit their website.     Sharon Hernly My paintings embody the essence of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dianne Poinski

digital photography of leaves by Dianne Poinski

Artist Dianne Poinski presents a fascinating collection of layered digital photographs featuring botanical elements. Find more of her work on her website.     I never set out to become an artist. My brother was the "artist." I … [Read more]

Success is Often Who You Know

Torpedo Factory salon

by Carolyn Edlund How can developing a strong network of connections grow your art business?     You’ve probably seen this scenario before: an artist is incredibly talented and creates wonderful art, but doesn’t get the exposure … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karen Bognar Khan

abstract still life painting by Karen Bognar Khan

Artist Karen Bognar Khan explores the nature of form and composition in her portfolio of still life paintings. See more of her intriguing work by visiting her website.     My transition to the “Reflection” series of still life … [Read more]

Featured Artist Denise Antaya

landscape of a small pond by Denise Antaya

Canadian artist Denise Antaya’s light-filled landscape paintings are reminiscent of simpler times. View more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     I was born in a small town outside of Windsor, Ontario. I grew up in the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mallory Zondag

felted wool fiber art installation by Mallory Zondag

Fiber artist Mallory Zondag creates soft sculpture inspired by the textures and variety found in nature. Enjoy more of her work by visiting her website.     I create fiber art to address our relationship with the natural world. I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kathy Karas

painting of the Australian coast by Kathy Karas

Australian artist Kathy Karas shares a collection of contemporary paintings inspired by the beautiful and varied landscape of her home country. To see more, please visit her website.     I have lived my whole life on the east … [Read more]