Featured Artist Leticia Herrera

Abstract figurative painting of the earth by Leticia Herrera

Painter Leticia Herrera conveys common bonds and hope for humanity in her WALKERS series. Find more of her inspirational work by visiting her website.     I am a Mexican artist living in McKinney, Texas. I believe in the kindness … [Read more]

Top Art Fairs in America 2020

Kimball Arts Festival

by guest blogger Connie Mettler Each year, Art Fair Calendar surveys art lovers and fans to determine and rank the best fairs and festivals in the U.S. Here's their 2020 lineup.     Chicago’s Old Town Art Fair was named the #1 … [Read more]

Featured Artist Julie Davis Veach

Abstract expressionist floral painting by Julie Davis Veach

Artist Julie Davis Veach presents a portfolio of boldly colorful abstract paintings that promote a healing experience. Learn more about her art by visiting her website.     I am an American contemporary abstract expressionist … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sheila Smith

Digital image of a NYC street scene at night by Sheila Smith

Artist Sheila Smith transforms digital scenes of New York City into painterly, dreamlike images. View more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     As a child I sat at my mother’s kitchen table and sketched cartoons that I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Alison Nicholls

Painting about pastoralism and farming in tanzania by Alison Nicholls

Alison Nicholls shares a portfolio of delicate paintings that capture African wildlife and draw attention to conservation issues. Visit her website to learn more about her fascinating work.     Teaching guests to sketch wildlife … [Read more]

Featured Artist Veerle Coucke

Abstract expressionist portrait of a woman by Veerle Coucke

Belgian artist Veerle Coucke presents a collection of boldly colorful and energetic portraits that reveal the emotions and moods of her subjects. Enjoy more of her work by visiting her website.     I present the world solely from … [Read more]

12 Essentials for your Website Shopping Cart or Product Pages

12 Essentials for Your Website Shopping Cart

by guest blogger Sandi Dettman Having a website is one of the primary marketing channels available to artists. If you are considering adding a way for collectors to buy directly from your website, you are not alone.     Did you … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dorothy Mohler

Contemporary abstract portrait of a woman and a bird by Dorothy Mohler

Artist Dorothy Mohler presents a portfolio of contemporary landscapes and portraits based on her life in the Pacific Northwest. See more of her delightful art by visiting her website.     My passion and ability as an artist came … [Read more]

Featured Artist Neena Buxani

Painting of blue roses by Neena Buxani

Using vivid color and larger-than-life detail, artist Neena Buxani creates uplifting images inspired by nature. See more of her art by visiting her website.     I like to transfer positive emotions and uplifting vibrations … [Read more]

Featured Artist Barbara Davies

Oil painting of an arch in Cinzano, Sienna, Italy by Barbara Davies

Experience the beauty and Old World charm in these oil paintings by artist Barbara Davies that are reminiscent of a slower-paced life. View more of her art by visiting her website.     I was fascinated with color and form when I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karen Heidler

Watercolor pet portrait of a napping cat by Karen Heidler

Artist Karen Heidler captures the light and personality of her subjects through wonderfully expressive watercolor paintings. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website to see more.     I am a perfectionist and a coffee lover. … [Read more]

How One Artist Exploded Her Social Media Following

Pinterest feed for hand-painted pottery

by Carolyn Edlund How did ceramic artist Julie Spako attract more than 80,000 followers and make daily sales on Instagram?     Austin, Texas-based potter Julie Spako has managed to amass a huge following on Instagram, which … [Read more]

Featured Artist Janet MacKay

Bronze sculpture of a woman and an angel dancing by Janet MacKay

Canadian artist Janet MacKay presents a stunning portfolio of figurative sculpture and bold landscape painting. Enjoy more of her inspired art by visiting her website.     Like most artists, I’ve been intrigued by art since early … [Read more]

Featured Artist John Bolster

Abstract digital art giclee print by John Bolster

Artist John Bolster left the corporate world behind to produce vibrant, mixed media digital art that speaks about human interaction. View more of his portfolio by visiting his website.     I’ve loved art ever since I was a kid. … [Read more]