Call for Artists, Winter 2021

Featured Artist Collage, Winter 2021

Artsy Shark is currently seeking 48 artists to feature and promote in the coming months. Submissions will be accepted until the deadline of February 18, 2021. Apply Now     Visual artists are invited to apply to be featured on … [Read more]

Featured Artist Bruce K. Lawes

oil painting of an American Bison by Bruce K. Lawes

Artist Bruce K. Lawes works to raise awareness of our natural world through his incredibly realistic and evocative wildlife paintings. Find more of his portfolio on his website.     If you are a realist like I am, it is the last … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ailsa Brown

porcelain bowl by Ailsa Brown

Canadian painter and ceramic artist Ailsa Brown presents a collection inspired by the peaceful spirit of nature. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     My artwork speaks to our connection with nature and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Victor Cuzmenco

abstract Ontologic painting by Victory Cuzmenco

Artist Victor Cuzmenco's mixed media abstract art is inspired by spiritual and philosophical concepts. Learn more about his approach by visiting his website.     I was the 11th kid born in an ordinary provincial family unfamiliar … [Read more]

Featured Artist Brian Crosby

watercolor painting of the Pittville Pump Rooms in Cheltenham by Brian Crosby

British artist Brian Crosby shares a collection of incredibly detailed architectural watercolor paintings. View more of his portfolio by visiting his website.     While I was at school, my art teacher, Smithy, used to take us … [Read more]

Muse vs. Market: How to Write Your Brand Story

How Can Art Change the World?

by Alyson Kate Long, Content Director at Social Burro, Inc. Selling the purpose behind a brand has a decades-strong loyalty with marketers and entrepreneurs. Here’s how artists can use the same formula to “Find the Why?” and claim their voices in … [Read more]

Véronique Besançon

abstract expressionist painting by Véronique Besançon

Artist Véronique Besançon connects with the essence of humanity through her abstract expressionist paintings. View more on her website.     A self-taught painter, I was born in Morocco in 1959 into a Russian-Hungarian-French … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karen Bloomfield

painting of Australian blue birds by Karen Bloomfield

Australian oil painter Karen Bloomfield captures both the natural and manmade worlds in her fascinating portfolio. Visit her website to see more.     I was discouraged from pursuing art as a child, but found other ways to express … [Read more]

Featured Artist Juanita Bellevance

abstract expressionist painting by Juanita Bellevance

Artist Juanita Bellevance presents a collection of peaceful and flowing expressionist abstract paintings. Visit her website to see more.     My favorite thing about making art is when I'm creating from my inner spirit. The result … [Read more]

Featured Artist Cheryl Eggleston

geometric abstract painting by Cheryl Eggleston

Artist Cheryl Eggleston’s geometric abstract paintings offer an intriguing visual for the eye. Find more of her portfolio on her website.     My art career has been a bumpy ride.     Although I knew as a … [Read more]

How I Set and Reached My Art Sales Goals

Art gallery exhibition

by guest blogger Tom Blood What happens when an artist takes a proven business approach to setting and reaching goals? Painter Tom Blood shares his process and results.     Most artists are probably taking the same approach this … [Read more]

Featured Artist Melody Cleary

abstract landscape painting of autumn by Melody Cleary

Inspired by nature, artist Melody Cleary creates intuitive abstract paintings filled with texture and mark making. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     My art is heavily influenced by the natural environment of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Paulina Cassimatis

clay sculpture of a couple embracing by Paulina Cassimatis

Greek artist Paulina Cassimatis captures the essence of human relationships through her figurative sculpture. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     As a child I often visited my grandmother's house. Scattered … [Read more]

Artist Showcase, Winter 2021

oil painting of succulents by Lynda Sauls

Twenty-six artists share some of their favorite work in this exciting visual showcase. Enjoy, and click the name of each artist to visit their website for more.     Marne Jensen This is a peaceful water scene with subtle cool … [Read more]