How to Gain Local Exposure for Your Art

Fox Jewelry store in Ventura California

by guest blogger Peter Dunn Seeking new places to show your work? Consider local businesses or organizations. A new e-book explains how art shows can provide mutual benefits for artists, sponsors, and their communities.     For … [Read more]

Featured Artist Holly Cannon

pastel of a tiger by Holly Cannon

Pastel artist Holly Cannon captures the essence of her wildlife subjects in detailed, realistic portraits. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I have always loved to draw and paint.  Art class was my favorite … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mona Agia

abstract landscape painting by Mona Agia

Artist and world traveler Mona Agia explores texture and intense color in her abstract paintings. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I started painting late in life. I was invited to attend a painting course even … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jo Rankin

abstract painting by Jo Rankin

New Zealand artist Jo Rankin shares a selection of ethereal, layered abstract paintings. Find more of her art by visiting her website.     From my early school days I knew that I loved being creative. During my college years, art … [Read more]

Featured Artist Vanessa Rumaz

figurative painting by Vanessa Rumaz

Artist Vanessa Rumaz creates dynamic mixed media paintings filled with unrestrained energy. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I was born and raised in Northern Italy, in the art-rich region of Veneto. Arts … [Read more]

What Motivates Art Collectors?

Art and Craft Gallery

by Carolyn Edlund How collectors gain from appreciating and purchasing your art.     People who purchase art or handmade work must be motivated to do so. A sale is made when the collector feels that owning your work has more … [Read more]

Featured Artist Donna McGee

Irish landscape painting by Donna McGee

Irish painter Donna McGee captures the rugged coastline and dramatic beauty of her homeland. See more of her work by visiting her website.     I have been working as an artist from my studio in Dublin for over 20 years. My former … [Read more]

Featured Artist Hayelz

digital animal portrait by Hayelz

Digital artist Hayelz creates endangered animal portraits to share insight into the loss of biodiversity. Visit her website to see more.     In 2015, I was exploring our relationship with the beauty of the natural world. The … [Read more]

Featured Artist Marisabel Gonzalez

abstract painting by Marisabel Gonzalez

Mixed media artist Marisabel Gonzalez shares a collection of abstract paintings that draw from emotions and memories. Find more of her art on her website.     All that I am comes through my art.     My … [Read more]

Featured Artist Winifred Potenza

clay sculpture by Winifred Potenza

Ceramic artist Winifred Potenza presents a portfolio of handbuilt and uniquely patterned “non-vessels” and vases. Visit her website to see more of her art.     I have been an artist for over fifty years, twenty-five of those … [Read more]

Email Marketing Tips for Artists

Computer with email marketing

by Carolyn Edlund Plan, create and send email marketing campaigns that get results for your art business.     The purpose of sending email campaigns over time is to gain awareness, build a relationship with members of your … [Read more]

Featured Artist Nila Onda

floral photography by Nila Onda

Photographer Nila Onda paints with light, capturing the ethereal beauty of flowers. See more work by visiting her website.     I paint with light—an immaterial medium and an energy source of life on Earth. My camera lens opens … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sweetieboosh

animal sculpture by Sweetieboosh

Artist Sweetieboosh shares a mixed media collection of whimsical and highly decorative animal forms. Visit her website to see more.     For me, the studio is one of few places that I find comforting and provides a sense of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Emma Cavell

sculptural mosaic by Emma Cavell

British artist Emma Cavell creates magical mosaics inspired by her love of gardens and nature. View more of her delightful work on her website.     I came to art through feeling a deep appreciation for my early life. I grew up in … [Read more]