How to Determine if an Art Exhibition Space is a Good Fit

Artist Jennifer Kahn Barlow's paintings hang in an alternative setting. See her article on the subject at

by guest blogger Jennifer Kahn Barlow Looking for venues to exhibit your art? How to choose the right one.     Art can be hung anywhere! These days an artist does not have to wait for a call from a famous art gallery to display … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dara Daniel

“Changing Seasons” Oil on Canvas, 39” x 27” Artist Dara Daniels in front “Ravens in Flight” Oil on Canvas, 45” x 30”

Using texture and loose brushwork, Dara Daniel's dreamy landscapes and nature paintings reflect a sense of peace and harmony. Visit her website to see more of her artwork.     I made the decision years ago to move from my … [Read more]

Top 10 Art Business Articles of 2016

Artist Roza Khaminova poses with one of her colorful, lavish scarf designs. How did she build an art business that exploded in popularity? Read her story at

by Carolyn Edlund Here's our annual list of our most popular business articles for artists, published in 2016 ...   Where to Sell Art Online   Why You Fail to Sell at Art Festivals and Fairs   What Artists Must … [Read more]

Featured Artist Amy Keller-Rempp

"Alberta Dawn" Acrylic on Canvas, 60" x 48" by artist Amy Keller-Rempp. See her portfolio by visiting

Painter Amy Keller-Rempp has a natural ability to capture an animal’s spirit through its eyes, actions, and expressions. Visit her website to learn more about her work.     I started to paint at a very young age. When my dad was … [Read more]

Featured Artist Andrea Monroe

“The Harlot” Acrylic on Canvas, 4’ x 4’ by artist Andrea Monroe. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Andrea Monroe merges her Catholic upbringing with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor in creating her intriguing and colorful figurative paintings. Visit her website to see more  of her art.     My approach to almost … [Read more]

Art of the Horse

Photography by Nathalie Ferrato. See her work in the article Art of the Horse at

Powerful, beautiful, and symbolic, horses have been a popular subject since the very beginnings of art. We invited artists to share their own equine imagery and their inspiration.     Tori Gagne Horses’ intrinsic qualities of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Bryan Nelson

Lidded vessel made from Cocuswood, Narra, Gabony Ebony and Pink Ivory, 4 3/4" wide, 6 1/4" high, by Bryan Nelson. See his artist feature at

Artist Bryan Nelson presents his portfolio of vessels and objects using a variety of exotic and domestic wood. Visit his website to see more of his work.     I have an inextinguishable love for all things wood and a great passion … [Read more]

How Artists Earn: Art Licensing

Lynette Merrick's product mockups help share ideas with potential licensees. See her interview about art licensing at

by Carolyn Edlund Art licensing is one option for visual artists to earn a living. Two artists pursuing this market talk about their strategies and successes.     Licensing allows artists to scale their creative work by … [Read more]

Featured Artist Danielle Trudeau

"The Watchful Heart" Acrylic and Oil on Masonite, 20" x 16" by artist Danielle Trudeau. See her portfolio by visiting

Canadian artist Danielle Trudeau’s use of light and shadow as well as surrealism add emotion to her paintings and dramatizes her subjects’ inherent beauty. Visit her website to view more of her art.     One of my favorite … [Read more]

Featured Artist Andie Grande

"Threads and Bubbles" Sisal and Synthetic Fibre and Plastic, 48" x 48" by artist Andie Grande. See her portfolio by visiting

Focusing on integrating organic and inorganic material into her weavings, fiber artist Andie Grande  highlights their existing uniqueness. Learn more about this artist and her work by visiting her website.     Working with humble … [Read more]

The Learning Experience: Better Online or In Person?

Art Business Workshop

by Carolyn Edlund Artists want and need to learn skills that help in building their businesses. But is the online or in-person experience better?     I recently had a conversation with an adjunct professor who teaches … [Read more]

Featured Artist Joan Gallagher

"Pier" acrylic, 16" x 20" by Joan Gallagher. See her artist feature at

New Jersey artist Joan Gallagher pulls from local scenes as well as other themes to create her colorful portfolio. Visit her website to see more of her art.     Color. That is how I describe my work in a single word. I like to … [Read more]

How Artists Earn: Wholesale and Online Retail

Sundrop Jewelry's wholesale trade show booth

By guest blogger Tawny Reynolds of Sundrop Jewelry There are a lot of ways to make a living from your art these days: online retail, in-person events, consignment and galleries, old-fashioned word-of-mouth, and of course, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Christine O’Brien

“Beach Chat” Oil on Linen, 30” x 40” by artist Christine O’Brien. See her portfolio by visiting

Combining classical art training with modern composition, California artist Christine O’Brien’s oil paintings capture the feeling of a perfect day on the beach, the rich detail of native flowers, or the nostalgic beauty found in old collectibles. … [Read more]