Featured Artist Lynette Orzlowski

painting of a white horse on a red background by Lynette Orzlowski

Australian artist Lynette Orzlowski expresses her love of horses and wildlife through her dynamic portfolio. See more of this artist’s award-winning portfolio by visiting her website.     Growing up in the Yarra Valley in rural … [Read more]

Featured Artist Margret Petrie

abstract paper collage by Margret Petrie

Artist Margret Petrie presents a collection of contemporary abstract works made with collaged monoprints. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     I am a self-taught visual artist obsessed with making collages from … [Read more]

Featured Artist Judi Goolsby

painting of a bathroom countertop by Judi Goolsby

Artist Judi Goolsby’s multi-layered naive paintings share narratives from her life experience and memories. Enjoy more by visiting her website.     I love what I do!     I'm a narrative painter, writer and … [Read more]

Sell Your Art to an Affluent Audience

paintings hanging in a gallery

by  Carolyn Edlund Price your work and position yourself in the market to reach your target audience.     Are you underpricing your art out of fear that it won't sell? It's not uncommon. Many artists have chosen to price … [Read more]

Featured Artist Stephen Prior

abstract geometric digital art by Stephen Prior

Artist Stephen Prior’s Deconstructed Series uses geometric shapes to explore themes of connectivity and harmony. Learn more about his concept by visiting his website.     Creativity is a wonderful … [Read more]

Featured Artist Bruce Peebles

digital photography of Austrailian oceanscape by Bruce Peebles

Inspired by the vast beauty of his native country, Australian artist and photographer Bruce Peebles creates altered landscapes with a dreamlike quality. Visit his website to see more of his work.     My first group exhibition was … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sharon Lynn Williams

contemporary landscape painting of a waterfall by Sharon Lynn Williams

Sharon Lynn Williams presents a collection of boldly colorful paintings that brings the landscape to life. View more by visiting her website.     I have been passionately painting in diverse media and subject for the last … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jean-Frederic Batassé

carved marble bust of an African king by Jean-Frederic Batasse

Artist Jean-Frederic Batassé presents a collection of figurative stone sculpture inspired by the depth of human emotion. View more of his work by visiting his website.     Originally from Togo, West Africa, I am a self-taught … [Read more]

Making Art Sales in a Changing World


by Carolyn Edlund Are your current art sales falling short of your goals? In a changing world, artists must be proactive about alternative ways to sell.     2020 is shaping up to be a difficult year for many artists who have … [Read more]

Featured Artist Diane Rudnick Mann

pastel of cherries in a Chinese bowl by Diane Rudnick Mann

Artist Diane Rudnick Mann presents a collection of pastel paintings so real they appear to leap off the paper. Visit her website to see more work.     I am self-taught and only began to paint later in life, and find that starting … [Read more]

Featured Artist Julee Latimer

abstract woven painting by Julee Latimer

Artist Julee Latimer weaves with paint, creating colorful three-dimensional artworks. See more of her intriguing process by visiting her website.     From childhood, I have always been an artist. I worked at various freelance … [Read more]

Artist Showcase, Late Summer 2020

painting of pink blooms by Patricia Ann Hillard

Enjoy this showcase featuring the work of twenty-eight artists who share their inspiration and passion for creating art. Each name is a link to the artist's own website.     Madeleine Elkin South Australia’s clear, bright … [Read more]

Featured Artist B St. Marie Nelson

painting featuring a book, typewriter and cup of coffee by B St. Marie Nelson

Oil painter B St. Marie Nelson presents a collection of wonderfully composed interiors and still lifes that reflect her great love of books and learning. View more by visiting her website.     Two early experiences set me on the … [Read more]

How to Work with an Accountability Partner

Artist with mentor

by  Carolyn Edlund Artists can work together as accountability partners to follow through and accomplish more of their business goals.     Quite often, in my work with artists as a mentor and business advisor, I find myself … [Read more]