Featured Artist Edd Johannemann

stained glass botanical sculpture by Edd Johannemann

Artist Edd Johannemann plays with the effects of light in his multi-layered glass sculptures. More of his work may be found on his website.     I love light. I’ve always been fascinated by the effect light creates on everything it … [Read more]

Featured Artist Wendy Gordin

oil painting of a boat in a harbor

Enjoy this collection of artist Wendy Gordin’s contemporary oil paintings that capture moments in life. Visit her website to see more of her work.     I wish that I had discovered oil painting much sooner than I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Simon Berson

abstract mixed media painting by Simon Berson

Artist Simon Berson presents a collection of abstract mixed media paintings that combine surrealism and technology. Visit his website to see more of his work.     Growing up in New York City had many advantages. I used to skip … [Read more]

From Wall Street into the Artist Studio

Abstract painting inspired by Wall Street volatility

During her journey from working in the financial industry to becoming an abstract painter, Leila Pinto incorporated her experience on Wall Street and world events into her art.     In a recent conversation, Leila Pinto offered a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jenny Wilson

contemporary abstract landscape by Jenny Wilson

Artist Jenny Wilson presents a serene collection of contemporary abstract landscapes. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I paint contemporary abstract landscapes inspired by my experiences and travels. My … [Read more]

Featured Artist Beth Sheridan

photograph of Dead Horse Point by Beth Sheridan

Artist Beth Sheridan presents a collection of vibrant landscape and nature photography. More of her stunning work can be found on her website.     I began my love affair with taking photographs as art in high school when I took … [Read more]

Featured Artist Josh Connell

graphite and crayon self-portrait by Josh Connell

Artist Josh Connell shares his portfolio of amazingly realistic charcoal and graphite portraits that explore the human condition. See more of his work by visiting his website.     I am a self-taught artist living and working in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jennifer Steck

painting of a cat and dog by Jennifer Steck

Artist Jennifer Steck’s delightful animal paintings are filled with whimsy, joy and humor. Visit her website to see more.     I can pinpoint the moment when I let go of perfection and stepped into my own creative skin. It took … [Read more]

Create a 3D Online Exhibition of Your Art

Touring a virtual 3D art gallery

by guest writer Erica Goldemberg 3D virtual exhibitions are an exciting way of promoting individual artists, art events, galleries and cultural spaces to a worldwide audience.     In these “new normal” times, lockdowns are a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Laura Radwell

abstract landscape painting by Laura Radwell

Oil painter Laura Radwell shares a striking collection of bold abstract landscapes. More of her portfolio can be found on her website.     How many destinies does one person have? During childhood I dreamt my path might be an … [Read more]

Featured Artist Marjorie Mae Broadhead

painting of floral arrangements by Marjorie Mae Broadhead

Artist Marjorie Mae Broadhead presents a selection of vibrantly colorful and expressive floral paintings. Visit her website to see more of her work.     My high school experience was not complete until I walked into the art room … [Read more]

Featured Artist Marti Leroux

abstract/realistic painting of a horse by Marti Leroux

Artist Marti Leroux presents a fascinating collection of intuitive paintings that combine abstraction with realism. View more of her work on her website.     I became attracted to intuitive painting, letting my inner guidance … [Read more]

Featured Artist Beth Charles

abstract painting by Beth Charles

Artist Beth Charles shares a collection of abstract paintings filled with vibrant color and energy. More of her portfolio can be found on her website.     I create my art from my studio located in Holland, Michigan. I have been a … [Read more]

Are You Selecting the Right Art Shows?

Customer looks at prints at an outdoor art fair

by Carolyn Edlund When planning your show schedule, take a practical look at the costs and benefits of events. You may dramatically change your plans.     Have you ever applied to an art show because it was conveniently located? … [Read more]