Featured Artist Igor Lukyanov

Talented Ukrainian artist/illustrator Igor Lukyanov shares a portfolio with a wide range of work, including product design



My name is Igor Lukyanov. I live in Ukraine but work internationally. I have been working as a freelance illustrator and artist only since November, 2009. Before starting my career as an independent artist I had been working for a web and graphic design company for around a year. Before this job I worked for an engineering academy which I had graduated from. I have no formal art education.



I have been an engineer specializing in material handling equipment. I have been involved in various research in the realm of load lifting machinery and have a number of published articles dedicated to my researches. But I always
loved art and particularly drawing.



I read a lot of art books and practiced my freehand drawing skills since childhood. People say I have mastered decent skills in drawing and particularly in the cross-hatching drawing technique. Sometimes I feel I need deeper knowledge in the theory of art.



Luckily, I have the internet which allows me to ask more experienced and educated artists for help. I recently discovered that I am able to now detect some drawbacks in my early works which only people with an art education can notice.



I have being drawing all my life although I have concentrated my efforts in this sphere during a comparatively short period of time. I understand that one must have a strong desire to create art and practice a lot to be a successful artist. Practice and constant honing of skills are especially important for artists who work in the field of realism.





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