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Let’s build our art community by connecting on Twitter and networking. Leave a comment and a link to your Twitter page and your website. Visit other people’s  websites and follow them on Twitter. Join the conversation, share resources and get exposure! I will be happy to follow all who comment.

Follow me on Twitter at

My Website is






    But be warned, I tend to hang with a rough crowd. Art is only part of my tweets.


    I like to draw. And I like to talk about it. I also like robots and mini muffins.


    I´m illustrator and a digital painter, I tweet about everything art and marketing -related as also social-media stuff and occasionally outstanding portfolios from fellow artists!

  4. This is great! Thanks!

    usually chatting about surface pattern design, trend, inspiration, travel, and art licensing…

  5. ARTIST. PAINTER. ADVENTURER. LOVER. –> follow me and my crazy life on twitter: @carriehudson



    I design greeting cards – and other things, I blog and I’m interested in all things to do with art and illustration.


    I’m a 3d artist, I like all things creative and I like connecting with other creatives .

  8. curvy, digital pin-ups and a love of everything retro over on my page…

  9. I’m a card designer,also working on a few pieces “outside the envelope”.

  10. Hi there! I’m Joie and my stuff is mostly watercolor, markers, and whimsy-type stuff. I’m very kid’s-book-esque even if my not all my subjects are. Oh and I like Welsh Corgis and all types of cake.



    Musician & Ninja, Composer & Violist. With opinions. And I can’t help sticking up for artists. Meow!



    Blog page –

    Always great to network with other visual artists, share experiences and maybe set up some collaborations?

  13. This post is a fantastic idea! Thanks artsyshark!

    I’m an abstract artist. My work is knife-painted abstracts in oil.
    My blog is new and focused on promoting art appreciation, especially for abstract art.


  14. Great idea. Thanks.

  15. Contemporary monotypes and monoprints. Modern interpretations of classic nudes.
    Follow me on Twitter @StudioMonotype

  16. What a great idea…thanks for the opportunity to connect !

    I’m a mixed media artist – combining paper collage with my own original artwork. My main area of interest is designing wall decor for children.

    I don’t twitter, but please feel free to connect with me on Facebook at Burnish & Brush Art Studio.

  17. Contemporary monotypes and monoprints. Follow me on Twitter[img][/img]

  18. Twitter: Anagnorisisarts

  19. @sueokieffe
    I am an intuitive and visionary artist who creates uplifting digital mandalas inspired by nature. I’ve been absent from twitter for a while and am trying to work my way back to the fold.
    thanks for this great post. i follow your blog on a regular basis and am especially grateful for your info on the greeting card and art licensing industries

  20. Hi Aletta! Welcome, thanks for posting your links.

    Readers may remember the great interview you gave on this blog on April 23 titled “Explode the Myths and Build Your Art Muscle”, it can be viewed here

  21. Okay – it’s time for you to come and be interviewed by me. let’s talk by telephone shocked face:+)) this week?

  22. I am an artist, independent curator and creative entrepreneur. You can follow me at @sjbcreatve on twitter!

  23. Great idea and I’m probably one of the five people in the world still not on Twitter or Facebook.

    I am a textile artist and spend most of my time in the studio designing and constructing art quilts or I’m in my office submitting for fine art exhibitions and writing articles.

    I am on LinkedIn which I have found very beneficial professionally and I’ve only been on it for a little over a year.

    Below are my links:

    Web Site:
    Yessy Online Gallery:
    Absolute Arts Online Gallery:

    Textile Art…Discover the Possibilities!TM

  24. I am a freelance graphic designer with a greeting card line and a dream to start licensing my artwork (if I can ever find the time—I’m also a wife and MOM!)

    Here are my links:

  25. I paint the land; seeking to capture that one moment that stands out and reminds me that God is real.


    Looking forward to meeting all of you other Artists 🙂

    Artsyshark Rocks!!!

  27. I am a printmaker looking to network with my fellow printers!

  28. Great post, great twitterer, too.
    Here is my twitter site for my landscapes:


  29. This is fun!

    I am a visual artist painting slightly surreal landscapes and such.



  30. Hello,

    I am a featured artist now & just took the time to follow each of you that mentioned you have a twitter account. I wish you much success & will enjoy following your artistic practices.

  31. Hey, great links on here! I’m following your twitter now.

    I’m a painter living in Japan and painting a Japanese monster every day for the month of October.
    Check here for my daily paintings every day this month. 🙂

  32. Thanks, Matthew, I followed you back. And really enjoyed your website art – especially the chickens!!


    I provide the knowledge and insight of art and psychology


    Hi, my name is LeJarie and I am one of the Artist Reps for Artas1: a company representing a great group of Japanese artists! \(*0*)/

  35. You could follow me on twitter

    or check out my blog at

    I do cool acrylics.


  36. I love to talk art and draw portraits. Let’s hang!

  37. Loving the tweets @ArtsyShark ! I’m @Artist_Abroad on Twitter

  38. Thanks for the Chance to meet some fellow Artists. I love rendering Fractals and Photography. I also Paint a little!
    Tweet me here:

  39. I’m a jewelry designer. Making silver keepsakes from whatever means something to you: your husband’s fingerprint, baby’s hand/footprint, pet’s paw print or even a signature or handwriting from a loved one past. I handcraft each piece myself in Fine Silver.

    I tweet about that occasionally but more about whatever interests me at the time. Books, rants, other businesses or kayaking. @MandySmallprint


  40. @bsquaredfotos on twitter
    “Let’s hang!” …love it!

  41. I make Medals that You Wouldn’t Want to Earn; Our Ladies of Perpetual Housework. I blog here and at two other sites. I tweet at @ElaineLuther !

    Thanks for helping build community, this is a fun idea!

  42. Hi there, all you artsy people! 🙂

    My name is Rachel, and I like to make a mess with art materials while listening to awesome music. 😉



  43. Hey everyone,

    My name is Mariana and I’m on a journey to reconnect with my creativity. I started by reteaching myself the foundations of drawing via books, tutorials, and online classes. I actually never learned how to properly sketch and draw. I would love if you could check out my stuff and give me any advice.

    Twitter: creationodyssey

  44. Hi all!… from Ireland!
    @artymaggie here creating bespoke watercolour commissions. I paint personalised, cute & quirky art. Classic, fun & colourful illustrations exclusively painted to order of the recipient, for the recipient.
    Follow me on twitter xx


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