Keep Your Art Collectors Coming Back

Sometimes artists say they “don’t want to bother people” or feel uncomfortable following up with prospects who didn’t make the purchase.

Networking Strategies for Creative Introverts

It turns out that being interesting is not nearly as important as being interested in what the other person has to say.

How I Got My Art Placed on TV and Movie Sets

Some artists have an agent who tries to make these connections for them, but she did this herself.

Tips for Promoting Your Art on Instagram

What stands out on an Instagram feed? Wonderful photos that catch the eye.

It’s All About Your List

Built over years of marketing, cultivating and communicating, their lists are some of the most valuable business assets they have.

An Honest Look at Social Media for Artists

When someone likes a post and follows me, I take the time to follow them back, chat with them and thank them for their interest in my work.

The Artist Doesn’t Always Know Best

There are times when our own opinion isn’t enough; when we need to reach out to others for feedback that will help guide our direction. In those instances, crowdsourcing can prove invaluable.

How to Start an Artist Salon

Salon – an Artful Conversation is a monthly meeting of artists, writers, and arts professionals who come together to bond, network, and get out of their heads for a little while.

Networking with Artists

You might think of other artists as primarily competition, but I’d encourage you to consider how your art community is actually a perfect place to start your own network.

Evolution of an Artist Salon

These sorts of events are good for artists in any stage of their careers.

Sell Your Art into a Niche Market

Niche markets are excellent places for artists to find passionate customers, to whom money is not often a factor when making acquisitions that reflect their strong interests.

How Artists Can Build a Mailing List

If your goal is to sell artwork, you will need to reach out to potential customers and collectors on a regular basis so that they become familiar with your work and consider purchasing it.

Tips for Launching a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Typically, the final week is when your network will come together for your cause. Let people know that you are closing in on your fundraising goal and deadline.

How Artists Should Deal with the Naysayers

I have found the most supportive and validating people are the ones who are successful creatives themselves, comfortable being entrepreneurs who proudly love their jobs.