Featured Artist Sarah Love Park

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Artist Statement

I love painting and pressing oil colours on a white canvas as much as I enjoy pressing the strings of my violin.

I especially like to work with impressionistic colours and cartoon-like bold lines in an improvisational manner.


Most of my inspiration stems from my inner passion for art and music which, in turn, is based on love and peace.  My early paintings were done while I was living near Lincoln Centre and Juilliard Music School in New York City, such as my series of Violinists and Cellists.  My Galaxy Series are my earliest works and were inspired by childhood memories of star-filled nights.

My current project is “Love” where my art continues to evolve as I travel the world.



Park’s early artworks were inspired by classical music which was emphasized as she was learning to play violin, living close to New York’s Lincoln Centre.  Her vibrant series of Violinist and Cellist paintings continue to be well received.  The earliest paintings, from the Galaxy series, sold immediately when finished – even before the paint completely dried.



Much of her inspiration comes from childhood in South Korea, raised as a suburbanite in neighbourhoods filled with spring cherry blossoms, sky-filled stars in the summer nights, lazy days with dragonflies criss-cross through pure blue skies, the cornucopia of colours contained in autumn foliage, along with the white wonderland of winter.

Some of her earlier works show a visual inspiration from her recollection of her visit to Europe and most prominently, the Versailles Palace.  Park was also influenced by Leo Tolstoy, Claude Monet, Mozart, Chopin and Sarah Chang – the Korean-American violin virtuoso.


Sarah’s passion propelled her move to New York City, long considered the universe’s centre for aspiring artists.  As an accomplished child poet, Park’s paintings are inevitably poetic, with an astronomical influence, where the stars of the universe will be forever captured in her heart.

Park is also a fashion designer for “Confident Couture” a clothing manufacturer with world-wide distribution.



What are your goals?
I support the dream: travelling into space, world peace, happiness, and love.  I am happiest when I finish a good painting; therefore, I would like to continue my journey as an artist and continue to travel and paint.


What are you working on now?
I have two projects: One is “Stop the Child Abuse” for my next exhibition in September, and the other is a “Landscape” project.  I have just arrived in England from Germany and the weather and countryside are perfect for landscapes.


What inspires you?
Nature and people inspire me. Additionally peace, love and music.


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