Featured Artist Scott McLeod



Featured artist Scott McLeod is a young abstract painter with ambitious career plans. Check out his website for more about Scott and to view his full portfolio.



What are your goals?

I’m a man of many goals, I want to write a book some time within the next ten years and I also want to accomplish many things with my artwork. I enjoy sharing ideas and my creations with others, my only goals are orientated on how much I was able to spread them.



What are you working on now?

I’m working on a series of unique pieces which utilize old large frames which I have re-done with my own touches. I’m currently finished up with my third piece, with goals to accomplish six or seven before releasing them. I’m also in the middle of launching my clothing company Coeus Clothing.



What inspires you?

The world around me, understanding.  Emotions inspire me, in others or my self, seeing raw human emotion, understanding that emotion, and the collection of things which cannot be expressed by words.  I often find inspiration out of nowhere, a quick sprint to my garage to add the next layer, or the six hours straight of finishing multiple paintings.  Inspiration is a cumulative thing for me, and the more I explore this world the more I find.





  1. Thanks! Check out my art http://scott-mcleod.com for more!

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