Featured Artist John Pacovsky

Artsy Shark presents John Pacovsky, our newest Featured Artist.  Enjoy his intriguing Life-sized Box People series, and see more of his portfolio by visiting his gallery website.



As I approach my 60th birthday, I can not escape the feeling of just beginning. I have had success in the commercial art field – enough to make most artists happy – yet I have always felt it was never enough.



My most recent endeavor was to paint 150 ads for Grande Absente, parodying most of the major art movements. Being paid to learn the painting techniques of the best painters the world has ever seen has been absolutely amazing. (Or should I say Absolut amazing because one of the ads I did for them is in the Smithsonian.) During this process I constantly wondered what I would evolve into as a painter.



I could not see me echoing anything I had already done or anything anyone else has done. . . and I certainly wanted to take art to the next level.  I mean I drank enough Absente to bond with my predecessors. I wanted to paint like no one else has ever painted before.



The life size box people are quite frankly a new art form. They have never been done before.  Inquiries and commissions are welcome.



My goals are to go down in art history as the father of the boxpeople. I consider it an evolutionary art form. I see it as a major art movement, as soon as the world catches up with it.



Presently I am about to start several  commissions for the box people and am also involved in several ad campaigns. As for what inspires me, well life does. Creativity opens the door for life to flow through you, and as I say on my website, I wanted to take art where it has never been before. I know I have done that.  I would like to take the world along with me for the ride.





  1. John’s “Box People” artwork is just fantastic! I can see them being wired up so that they could move and respond to viewers as well. What a great exhibition they would be in lifestyle settings.

    Thanks for sharing John’s very unique vision and artwork.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jean. It seems John has a unique idea which he is really running with. It will be very interesting to see what the future brings for him!

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