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Artsy Shark presents the stunning portfolio of photographer Stephen Ironside. More information and images are available by visiting his website.



I am a recent graduate from the University of Arkansas with an honors B.S. degree in Biology and Anthropology and a minor in Spanish. I hope to secure an internship or job for a nature magazine, conservation group, or other non-profit or human-rights based institution.


Though I’ve been interested in photography since high school, I have had no formal or academic photography training. I learned what I learned through trial and error, patience, lots of independent research, and asking questions.

My work has been published in the Fayetteville High School Literary Magazine Connotations, Volumes XXII and XXIII (cover), The Arkansas Traveler, on the cover of the Weddings with Style international magazine, and has won a photo contest judged by renowned photographer Tim Ernst. I also won the 2008 University of Arkansas Study Abroad photo contest and 2009 Student Black & White photo contest for shots from my trip to India and Nepal during the Fall 2008 semester, and honed my wildlife/landscape skills in Costa Rica during the Spring 2009 semester.


Most recently, I placed 9th in the National Geographic/World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship.  I was on the Connotations XXIII staff, and am currently one of three senior staff photographers for The Traveler. I also photograph weddings with Stone Ridge Photographers, am a member of the North American Nature Photography Association and display at Poor Richard’s Art gallery in Rogers, AR, and the Heartwood Gallery in Fayetteville, AR.


I am pursuing biological/nature/cultural photography as a profession, and hope to help revitalize peoples’ love for the natural world and for cultures besides their own–a love that seems to have been lost in today’s society.



  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love the last one pictured and had to go see where it was taken! Just fantastic.

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