Featured Artist Marnie Pitts

Artsy Shark presents the portfolio of Australian artist Marnie Pitts.  You can see more of her artwork and by visiting her website.



What are your goals?
In the short to medium term my goal is simple I just want to keep painting. I would also like to get my work into more exhibitions. I exhibit regularly in group shows, but I am aiming towards a good, solid solo show.  In the long term I would be very happy if I could support myself through my artwork alone. That would be ideal as it would allow me even more time to draw and paint.



What are you working on now?
I have been painting and drawing people attached or tied to their environments or emotions. I am currently focusing on how we connect or disconnect to our environments natural or manmade as well as the places, objects, memories, ideals and people we hold dear. I use devices such as veins, cords, threads, roots, wires, receptacles and enlarge hearts to illustrate these attachments.



I have a some drawings that I wish to make into big (larger than my usual) and more highly detailed paintings. However in saying that I am also painting some very small portraits which are women/animal hybrids.



What inspires you?
Other artists and their artwork. A sunny day, a crazy storm, my sons laughter, a good book or music. Really it is anything that makes me very happy, very angry or downright depressed.



I was born in Perth Australia, one of the most isolated cities in the world. I studied Art in Melbourne. Gradually I took an interest in the moving image and specialized in creating and animating special effects. I moved into Art and Technical Direction and relocated to London. Here I worked for large film studios and production houses on movies such as Harry Potter and Batman Begins. I enjoy this huge imaginary world where anything is possible and the production is grand. However it’s a world of collaboration and I needed to pursue my own images. I now work from my studio in London.





  1. Wow. Love the symbolism (well, I am a sucker for this style of presentation of ideas).

  2. This artist is very talented. Her work is very creative and skillfully rendered.

  3. Thank you very much Fi and Nina for taking the time to leave such lovely comments.

  4. Huge fan of your work. 🙂

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