Featured Artist Heidi Alamanda

Artsy Shark presents featured artist Heidi Alamanda.  Her entire portfolio can be seen by visiting her website. Stop by and check our her blog as well!



Heidi Alamanda is a self taught artist who was born and raised in Indonesia. She moved to the U.S. in 2003 and settled, with her husband, in New Haven in the spring of 2008. Before pursuing her passion as an artist, she attended graduate school and earned her MBA degree from University of North Florida in 2007.



Artist’s Statement

Painting allows me to express my adolescent imagination and emotions. Each piece is both innocent and subdued, with messages or themes that can be interpreted subjectively. My technical style is influenced by various sources. Indonesian Batik, comics, Japanese manga, children illustration books, and fashion are just a few sources that influence my work. I work in oils to bring color vibrancy and depth to my mysterious subject matter.



Within my paintings, I blend different elements and bring them as a whole. I intuitively build the characters from the beginning to the end of each painting. Each subject looks inhuman yet she exudes serenity, melancholy, and intensity. They exist in their own mysterious realm, yet at the same time they give the notion of peacefulness to the viewer. I like to give additional touches to the painting that accentuate the emotion of the main character. You may see it as a whimsical environment with flowers, or abstract patterns that give depth to the figures. You may also find a little robot, a hair ornament with interesting characters such as a little doll, a fluffy little animal, sea creatures, or even a flirty dress. They blend in with the main character and give depth to the painting as a whole.




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