Featured Artist Bianca Moscatelli

Artsy Shark presents featured artist Bianca Moscatelli.  This New York photographer tells us in her own words about her interests and goals for her art career.



My inability to draw is what led me to photography in the beginning.  Having studied art from a young age, I knew it was something I’d always want to be involved in, but wasn’t sure to what capacity until I took my first black & white photography class in high school. I’ve been experimenting and developing my own visual style within the medium ever since.



After receiving a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in Photography, I immediately began my professional career as a photo editor in New York City. While continuing to develop my style and craft, I have more recently launched my own website and participated in several group shows in NYC.



A constant in my life has been never being able to limit myself to one art at a time, so for the last year I’ve been learning silver jewelry making – back at SVA!  Ideally in the long term I want to make these artistic endeavors my full time focus and career.  In the short term, I plan to apply to more group shows, explore artist residency opportunities, and collect more art from my like minded peers.



The majority of my work tends to be dark, literally. I have always been obsessed with night.  Found light, a call for long exposure, saturated colors, and the dark, are some of my favorite subjects and methods of photography.  I use these themes as my inspiration, while taking what may be perceived as an ordinary scene and turning it into something beautiful and perhaps visually confusing. I also use the power of the medium to attempt to record the movement and feeling of a specific time and place. I contemplate the concept of the unknown, the danger that may be lurking, and the anonymity that darkness brings both to the subject and the observer.



You can find my photographs and handmade jewelry on Etsy and I also have more prints available through PhotoShelter. If you’re interested in keeping up with my endeavors and adventures you can follow my blog or Twitter.



  1. Great insight into the artistic process. Thanks, Artsy Shark!

  2. Great feature! I own some of Bianca’s work and really enjoy it!!!!

  3. I love Bianca’s jewelry on Etsy! She rocks.

  4. thank you for featuring my friend bianca – love her originality and spirit!

  5. Great Article, I love seeing behind the artist. Bianca is very nice and has a great etsy shop.

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