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Charbel Samuel Aoun (born in 1980)  is an architect, sculptor and painter from Fanar, Lebanon.  He finished his studies of architecture in 2004, where he also took some audio-visual courses as well as theatre workshops.

Between 2004 and 2009 he worked in several architectural firms as a conceptual designer.  Since 2009, he’s completely devoted to his art.

Artist’s Statement:

A painting is a symphony composed of the emotions and the combination of its various actions. In its space, I end up discovering exactly the feelings I’m experiencing.

When the social impact touches me with its negativity, I paint the tension of suffering and poverty against the invading capitalism or wars. In this stress, my imagination and the light within are always present to interfere, as if there’s a dialogue between the social tension and imaginary light . . . that light is what stands as part of my motivation to paint, the sense of sharing it . . . although I do paint the stress to release myself from it.

Through this mixture of feelings, I decode the language of art, how to interact with feelings which hold more than a concept . . . how lines , forms, depth, light, colors, all combined together to speak abstractly (comparing to our social language), as abstraction, maybe the truth.

As to speak of my goals, there’s none. Either I speak truth, which I do transparently through my art, or I don’t.

I may define my Inspiration in the interaction of the timeless state of humanity and the temporal reality of our society.

Personal website:   www.charbelsamuelaoun.com

Personal exhibitions:

2011 –Artspace dubai

2010 –flows-artlounge Beirut

2009 “mourasshah intikhabi”-safana art gallery Verdun

“fattoush Beirut” – zico house Hamra

2007 “out of space” -French cultural center Beirut

2004- ADG (association développement gemmayze)

Collective exhibitions:

2010 :       Lebanese art Diaspora- Beirut dome city center-

Tribute to the martyrs- Hamazkayin art gallery

Tear Down The Walls-Artspace Dubai gallery

2009:  salon d’automne – Musee Sursock-

Raja Nehme Sertin art gallery

Culture and identity: Haigazian University


2004 : Lebanese young talents exhibition organized by the European Union

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