Featured Artist Diane Hoeptner

Diane Hoeptner is Artsy Shark’s newest featured artist. Enjoy her portfolio!  Find out more about Diane’s interesting background and see more work by visiting her website and blog.


What are your goals?

I want to make art that resonates with truth, beauty and mischief.  This is a goal that doesn’t seem to change much from year to year . . . But if you are doing “art” right, it can be a lonely business.  It’s not enough to make better paintings, one must share the work too.  The more I paint and sell, the more I realize how important and worthwhile it is to acquire and to maintain loyal collectors.  Most artists will agree, when somebody “gets” what you are doing, it’s an amazing feeling.  I want more of that!  So, selling and finding more ways to share my work is also a goal.



What are you working on now?

This year is about working bigger.  Literally.  I started as a daily painter, apinting 6″ x 6″ paintings.  Last year, I did mostly 8″ x 8″ paintings.  My challenging “comfort zone” size is now 12″ x 12″ – but I want to go bigger.



I specialize in floral still life, but I’m adding vintage toys and cats to the mix.  I love juxtaposing obscure items . .  I want to do more of that this year.  Fresh flowers and old rusty or wood toys are an exquisite combination.  My husband and I frequent many antique flea markets and I’m constantly buying cool old “props.”  There isn’t enough time in one lifetime to paint everything, but I try!



What inspires you?

Beauty with a message, daffodils on gray, opposites in shape or value, applying color theory as learned from a book to my painting, making work that is both beautiful and contemporary, the challenge of being consistent in style and delivery, doing better over the long run, finding like-minded artists and collectors, painting, my nephews, Pantone’s color of the year, and I’m sure there’s more . . .



  1. Beautiful work!

  2. Wonderful work Diane!! Bravo!!

  3. Diane has long been a favorite of mine. It’s so nice to see her recognized here!

  4. Diane is a fabulous and inspiring painter. Thank you for highlighting her work here!

  5. I ADORE Diane’s work! When I grow up I want to be at least half as technically proficient in her rendering and color palette skills!

  6. Diane is one of my favorite artists. Her work is inspiring. It’s so nice to see her as a featured artist here!

  7. These are wonderful examples of Diane’s artistic talent. I have followed her blog for several years and continue to be amazed at her works.

  8. Thanks everybody for the wonderful comments! I feel blessed to be associated with such a wonderful online group of artists and daily painting bloggers!! Carolyn, a million thanks for featuring me on Artsy Shark!

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