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Artsy Shark proudly presents the work of sculptor Robin Antar. Enjoy her fascinating story and her portfolio, and visit her website for more information.


"Hat" carved limestone


My passion as a sculptor involves a technique I uncovered more than 20 years ago — the precise art of creating “virtual records” of contemporary culture — capturing common, everyday items in stone, from Milano cookies to Heinz ketchup. Essentially, I replicate these items on a real life-scale, complete with meticulous detail. I achieve this absolute realism by incorporating parts of the actual object, as well as custom-made stains, paints, plastics and gold leaf. It’s more than art imitating life, it’s art mirroring life.


"Boxing Gloves" Carrara Marble


My next goal is to create these icons of America in sizes that are larger than life – in monumental sizes. Currently I am working on what has started out as a 6000 pound piece of Yule marble that will eventually become a very large bag of chips.


"L Heart Knot" in Vermont Marble

In addition to my ‘Realism in Stone,’ I have many abstract works in my collection.  My abstract work is a reflection of my experiences combined with emotion. Each abstract creation is one-of-a-kind, and has a unique significance, which emanates an essence and an aura of its own. The life-like creations from various types of stone are chiseled meticulously to form a visual extravaganza as well as an intellectual playground of wonderment.  Each time the viewer looks at a piece , they see something different, allowing one to draw in its beauty through an individual perspective. The true beauty of abstract art is not just what appears to the naked eye, but what lies beneath the surface.


"Diesel Jean Jacket" limestone and oils


My work has been featured in exhibitions and museums across the U.S. as well as in private and corporate collections. They include:

Sotheby’s, NY; the National Art Club, NY; Nabisco Gallery, NJ; Fine Art Management Enterprises, Miami, FL; the City Museum of St. Louis, Mo.; the Provincetown Art Museum, Provincetown, MA; the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV, and others.


"Heinz Ketchup", red travertine


Recent commissions include Dr. Marten Boots, England; Skechers Boots USA; California and Chateau Haut-Brion wines, France.


"The Thinker 1" honey comb calcite


My work has garnered publicity coverage in print and broadcast nationwide, including the New York Post, New York Daily News, Las Vegas Tribune, Fashion Manuscript, Art Business News and Sportswear International, and NY Home, to name a few. Broadcast coverage includes Today in New York, Fox News in Las Vegas, NY, HGTV’s “That Clever”, and 1010 Wins radio in New York.


"D Knot 1" in watermelon marble


I have received many accolades and recognition for my work. I have been awarded the Allied Artists of America (Gold Medal of Honor and asked to become a full member), Match Up (first prize) in sculpture, work selected to be in Best of America artists and artisans, Best of New York Artists Books (second place) in sculpture, United Creators, (second place), Sculptural Pursuit (4th place in their national annual competition). My professional memberships include Pen and Brush, NYC; National Association of Women Artists and the National Sculpture Society.



  1. Wow, is all I can say!
    Most impressive!
    When you see talent like this you question your own, however, I remind myself to take a step back and realize we all have different talents. Thanks for sharing such remarkable art and talent

  2. Thanks for reminding me of Robin’s work. Her sculpture always astounds me every time I see it. A vast majority of it, you would never guess it was carved from stone. Her kudos for her work are also amazing.

    More great things to come and I can’t wait to see her latest work with monumental sized pieces, especially the potatoe chip bag.

  3. I am a fan of Robin’s sculpture as well. She also is easy to talk to, and readily invites collectors to visit her studio. Which I am sure is a wonderful experience. (I’ve only seen pics so far).

    Best wishes to you Robin, and Carolyn!

  4. Fabulous work – very inspiring! I love the variety and originality of the subject matter along with the expertise in producing sculpture of such exquisite quality. Masterpieces each one!

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