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Artsy Shark presents the hyper-realistic work of amazing painter and featured artist Rain Longson. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website for more information.


Best Friend


I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Montreal, Quebec, far too long ago. When I was all of three weeks old, my parents got a second baby, a German Shepherd puppy. I think this is when my love of dog and pets in general started. It was a few years before I discovered art, my second love. The first art instruction I actually remember, from dim, dark memory, was being told not to eat my crayons. Surely, that must be wrong; surely, anything with such pretty colors had to taste good too. Well, that was my reasoning at the time.




Not much really to say about my life until I entered into high school. I had definite plans on becoming a veterinarian/astronaut (you can see here my interest in science fiction and science fact). In those days before I even had a bra to burn or thought of Women’s Lib, I was told, “No, girls cannot be vets.” This truly flabbered my gasters and I was lost. Plans dashed. I actually contemplated quitting school. That is until I met an incredible woman, Mrs. Sandra Tobe, the art teacher at Hollywood Hills High School in Florida.


Camel at Gaza


Mrs. Tobe turned me around and reintroduced me to art. From then on, I never looked back; I had found true love and a vocation. As a teenager, I illustrated college student’s assignments, taught art at the local community centers and I loved every minute of it.


Aisha with Kitten


During high school, my art was displayed in several shows and galleries. Upon being graduated from high school, I received two scholarships, one to Parson’s School of Design in New York City the other to the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.


Rumble in the Bronx


At Parson’s I took fine arts and sculpture. At the Art Institute, I took Graphic Design illustration and photography. I spent the ensuing years as a fashion designer for Sassoon in Florida, and window dresser/retail interiors in NYC. Combining my art in the retail arena with prop / mannequin building, repair and faux finishing work.


Cat Stare


In 1991, I moved back to Canada and continued my career in the retail industry. However, I was realizing that ’window dressing’ was becoming history and I was facing a dead end. Hence I went back to school to learn computing, both Mac and PC’s. I was fortunate to receive a Government of Canada grant that covered cost of living while I took a full year of schooling at the Vancouver Film School. I studied New Media, which covered computerized graphics, illustration, animation videography and audio.


Red Flowers


Since being graduated from VFS, I’ve done a stint of a couple of years as a graphic designer/illustrator, working for such companies as Telus and their clients. I’ve done children’s book illustrations and I’ve worked as a freelancer.


Father's Day


Now I’ve come back full circle and I’m back into painting acrylic on canvas primarily and am also doing some water colour. I was delighted to discover this year that I have a knack for pet portraiture. With my style being ‘photorealism / hyper-realism’, some folks have thought that my art was a photograph until a close examination shows the brush strokes. I even use a magnifying glass to work on the mouth and eyes of all my subjects and some noses.


Self Portrait


Now I get to combine my love for animals and nature with my love for painting.



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