Are You a Scanner?

You don’t have a creative block – in fact, you have too many creative ideas. So many that it’s hard to decide. You may start on a huge project, get halfway through and start something else. Why can’t you follow through and complete what you started? Why are you sabotaging yourself? Are you a failure?

Actually, you may be a “scanner“. A term coined by author and speaker Barbara Scher, this definition includes many people, who may lack confidence, support, clarity and the skills to set goals and get focused on finishing a project. Most of this is due to fear. In fact, it’s so prevalent that Oprah recently featured an article by Barbara on the topic.

Check out this video featuring Barbara speaking on getting clear on what you love. Does it speak to you?


  1. I may be a scanner – or a homeschooler… I know! I’m a homeschoolaner! This is so me (just look at my other website for proof!) But I have lacked some focus…each step forward causes an examination of where I am going! But I will not quit! Thanks for introducing us to Barbara!

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