Promoting a Body of Work

by Carolyn Edlund Artist Paul Roustan has developed an incredible body painting portfolio, and published a book this year about his work. I recently spoke with him about promotion and working smart to build a creative business.     AS:  What was the purpose of writing your book? PR:  Early on, I discovered people really liked […]

Read This Before You Negotiate

Before you walk into any negotiation, or even a conversation about a business deal, do your research and plan ahead.

Is Fear Running Your Art Business?

Most every artist deals with some level of fear, manifesting itself in a variety of ways.

Art and the Struggle with Depression

Swedish artist David Sandum has a compelling story to tell about overcoming depression through his creative work as an artist.

Is Your Artist Statement Working for You?

An artist statement, like all promotion, is a frame through which the artwork is seen. It is a guideline, a means of orienting the viewer.

Your Art Image Problems Just Got Fixed

We’ve found that artists really dislike managing their art files; so much so that they often avoid doing it completely. We’re constantly developing new ways to simplify this process, saving artists significant time and hassle

Consistency is Key to Making Art Sales

Part of your job as an artist and an entrepreneur is to build trust with your network, your associates and your collectors.

How to Write an Amazing Artist Statement

The reason to have a genuine, well written artist statement is because you want to provide insight for your viewers into who you are as an artist.

Public Speaking for Artists

It is a pleasure to hear people speaking boldly about what is important to them. Your presentation creates a bond with those present.

Artists are Entrepreneurs

I spend at least 50% of my time researching new clients and opportunities, marketing and doing administrative work for my art business.

What I Learned from Being an Art Gallery Owner

Michael Soltis, an artist who has also owned a gallery, shares his insights and experience.

Give Yourself a Promotion

In my estimation, about 80% of artists are “in the pack” and struggling to break out

5 Ways Artists Can Unlock the Power of Social Media

Whichever social media network you choose to go with first, it’s incredibly important to get your page set up correctly.

You are so talented! Uncle Roger says so!

When you are starting a business where you plan on selling your work, you have to have a plan that actually gets people buying your work.