Master the Jury Process and Get Your Art Accepted

Want to get your art juried into art events, galleries, and exhibitions? Use these practical tips to enhance your chances of being selected.

Transform Your Art Website Home Page

As an artist, your website serves as your digital portfolio and gallery. The home page is crucial as a virtual first impression.

Must-Know Hacks for Successful Artist Branding

Unlock the secrets to successfully branding your art business with these tips and in-depth video on the topic. 

Organize Your Studio Space

As a visual artist, your studio is a place where creativity should flow freely. A cluttered and disorganized studio can stifle productivity.

The Art of Following Up

Staying in touch with customers and prospective collectors through active follow up is one of the best ways to make art sales.

How I Landed an Interior Design Collaboration

Artist TB Murphy shares how he approached a new marketplace, and became an important partner in the design trade.

Are You Under or Over-Pricing Your Art?

How can you set prices for your art correctly, without over or underestimating the value? Use these tips to get it right every time.

The Power of Your Network

For artists in business, building relationships can be the difference between merely surviving and thriving. Empowering Creativity without Boundaries provides a wide array of services for artists to manage, protect and monetize their artwork online.

Create Your Best Art Display Booth

Are you on the show circuit this season? Create a booth display designed to attract shoppers and maximize sales.

Maximize Your Art Fair Sales Opportunities

Your presence as the artist at a fair or festival is important, and what you do has a direct effect on sales.

Avoid These Pitfalls That Can Ruin Your Art Sale

As an artist, you’ll always be searching for ways to gain more customers. Avoid these common pitfalls that can lose them.

Proven Habits of Successful Artists

Are you looking to take your art business to the next level? Incorporate these habits into your daily practice and watch your business grow.

Artist Storytelling: 10 Content Ideas

Connect more deeply with people by telling stories about the themes and subjects you use in your art and why they matter.