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Artsy Shark presents the portfolio of Mani C. Price also known as “Mani the Uncanny”. Enjoy her artwork, and see more by visiting her website.


King Solomon & the Demoness Onoskelis

King Solomon & the Demoness Onoskelis, 11×14 oil on maple, 2013


I am Mani C. Price, a NYC visionary artist. I paint ordinary women into exotic, self-empowered goddesses. My work focuses on exploring women’s sexual empowerment, and the idea of the divine feminine.


Red Hot Revolver

Red Hot Revolver 5″ x 7″ Oil on maple, 2013


Through my strong, sensual ladies I want to show women their own strength and encourage them to love themselves. There is not enough self-love in the world. I have seen first hand how a woman’s self-image can be negatively influenced.


Fire Dance

Fire Dance, 10″ x 20″ Oil on rosewood,2012


My women are not dainty little orchids to be looked at. They are Queens, Warriors, Heroines, and Femme Fatales. Rulers in their element.


Moonrise Showdown

“Moonrise Showdown” 5″ x 7″ Oil on maple, 2013


Art and magick are my passions. I believe the act of artistic creation brings us more in tune with our intuition and higher self. A spell is just a way of sending the universe a message that we are ready to receive its gifts.


Hawaiian Princess (Sad Girl)

Hawaiian Princess (Sad Girl) 20″ x 20″ Oil on walnut, 2013


In my classes, I teach my students to create bodies of work to help manifest their desires utilizing art and magic. The human brain works strongest on a symbolic level. By controlling those symbols within their artwork, my students also learn to control the parts of their lives they represent.


La Sirene

“La Sirene” 10″ x 20″ Oil on cherry, 2013


Born on the edge of the urban jungle, I currently work from my beautiful estate in the Bronx. My work, from paintings to animated films and shorts, have been featured internationally in various galleries, shows, events, e-zines, festivals, and more.


Lilith under the Huluppu Tree

“Lilith under the Huluppu Tree”, 10″ x 20″ Oil on wenge, 2013


When not creating new art for my online store or on commission, I love to do tarot readings, Reiki, crystal ball gazing and crystal healing and rant on my blog.



“Ki-sikil-lil-la-ke” 10″ x 20″ Oil on maple, 2012


Mani C. Price invites you to follow her on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter. Her artwork can be seen on the following websites: Etsy, Society 6, Fine Art America and Ebay.


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