Featured Artist Denise Greenwood Loveless

Ceramic Artist Denise Greenwood Loveless speaks purposefully through her art. See more of her amazing work by visiting her website.


Ceramic Art by Denise Greenwood Loveless


I have always been in love with self-expression through art. I was number ten of twelve children. Our mother would work with the five “little girls”, teaching us to make paper dolls & design clothes for them. We had shoeboxes full of paper doll “haute couture”. In my first year of college, our family home burned down. Those paper doll shoe boxes, that’s the the stuff you really miss. You can never get it back.


Ceramic Art by Denise Greenwood Loveless


After college, I sort of “ran away” from art. I still can’t say why. I suspect losing everything I had created, in my short lifetime manifested itself in that way. It felt like fear. It wasn’t until eight years later I realized I was tired of working in an office environment. I was teaching myself metalsmithing from a book I’d found. I just up & quit my job to try making jewelry for a living. About the same time I sort of stumbled into art directing film & video (another story altogether). Film is what paid the bills back then. Then, about eight years in, a friend had me sit down with a lump of clay. I made seven little heads. I was completely smitten.


Mixed Bag


My work is a bit whimsical, but I work at being dark, edgy. (A couple of years ago, a friend said ‘You are one of the happiest people I know. Why are you always saying you’re trying to work darker & edgier?’ All I know is it’s what works for me. It’s right where I feel I belong. Maybe it’s the balance thing.) I try to avoid ever hearing “cute”, though I sometimes still do. My work is sculptural, with emphasis on faces & figures.  I have come to resent the image, or idea, that Hollywood has tried to sell us, that “normal” equates to beautiful, to ‘perfect’. I grew up with a brother who has cerebral palsy, a learning disability, & he is deaf. He has taught me invaluable life lessons, as a big brother should. I do believe “normal” is different for those of us who grew up with a handicapped sibling or other disabled family member. Who gets to decide?


Donde le Duele?


I will sometimes create figures with missing limbs, holes in the heart or belly. To me, these “deformities”  speak more to the emotional than to the physical. I also like to think there’s a spiritual element to my work.


Ceramic Art by Denise Greenwood Loveless


I am always exploring the line where dark & light meet, trying to form sentences about human frailty, & imperfection. Not attempting to make any sense out of life, or arguing for any particular point of view, rather, to probe the act of seeing, & of being. To look inside, past the physical, to see what there is to see, & to feed the curiosity of viewers of my work, but mostly my own. Getting a feel for life, & dancing just beyond the demarcation of what is often the dark side of who we are.


Ceramic Art by Denise Greenwood Loveless


There’s a real purpose & longing in my need to write this specific story, as there is to continue reading what I have managed, thus far,  to get down: the characters, the setting, the plot & the conflict. I am learning volumes about myself as I continue to make art for a living. What could be better really? If I’m only going to be here on this planet for a short time, I might as well get a feel for what it means to be here.



  1. Victoria Dickinson says

    Denise Greenwood Loveless is absolutely, totally sensational! Thank you SO much for sharing her with us. We are very, very fortunate to see her incredible work, and read her most insightful and thoughtful explanations behind her creations. I love her philosophy of life, and agree with her wholeheartedly.
    WOW! Now she’s an artist I would want to buy if I had the money!!!!!!!!!! Her future is assured! Thank you both, Diane, and Carolyn!!!

    • Hi Victoria,
      (I am just now seeing this!)
      Your comment is so wonderful….I am humbled. (Or, as Eeyore would say “Thanks for noticing me” 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words!

      I have more insights into my artwork on my blog, though I am not great at sitting still long enough to write often. You can check it out here: http://www.artofgreenwood.com/blog
      Blue skies & sunshine to you, with just the right amount of rain,
      Denise Greenwood Loveless

  2. Rev.Antoinette Pezet says

    I enjoy art of all kinds and mediums and with my beloved friend Victoria Dickinson, appreciate this woman’s work.
    Victoria and I both lived in NYC and know how hard it is for artists to compete and live on their passionate work.

    Stay with it Denise. You are great!

    • Thank you Reverend Pezet,
      I hope to be one of the “little old lady” artists who works up until the end of her life. You live in one of my favorite cities…lucky you! We get up there fairly often, when circumstances permit, & I am always inspired by the sites, sounds & people of the city!
      Happy holidays to you & yours, say “Hi” to the Big Apple for me, will ya? 😉

  3. Love your work! Would you consider a gallery in Flagstaff, AZ!

  4. Thanks for the inquiry Carolyn….I LOVE AZ as well. I do believe we have recently made contact through my site, no? If so, let’s touch base after the holidays again, if not, let me know & let’s talk.
    Thanks again,


  5. This is some of the most unique work we have in the gallery….love love love it!

    • Thanks so much Susan! It is an honor to be in your gallery…Pottery Road in Seagrove! One of these days, I hope we can pop in for a visit when we are in your neck of the woods. For now, I have to admire it online. The photos are amazing. Keep up the great work & thanks so much for supporting independent artists.

  6. kennedy harrison says

    Mrs. Greenwood, are you from covington louisiana?

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