Featured Artist Mickey Baxter-Spade

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Wigwam Chipmunk


Mickey Baxter-Spade is a self-taught artist who finds nature constantly beckoning. Her murals may be viewed in many distinguished locations, including The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado, Kingsmill Resort in Virginia and The Wigwam Resort and Golf Club in Arizona. She also is acclaimed for her work in a wide variety of residential and hospital settings throughout the United States and Canada.




For me one of the most enjoyable things about art is that there are so few limitations. Every time I am in nature I see challenges to capture; it is so transient and will never be exactly the same again – it can be totally absorbing. Rarely does my art depict a particular place, but surprisingly within each piece my clients often find a curious familiarity.



My mediums are varied, from acrylic to watercolor to collage to ceramic tiles and many things in between. My style tends to be detailed unless creating a collage and in that case my paintbrush just loves to dance across the canvas to see what appears.




When I find one area of sales slows for me, I hop into another. In the pas,t it would have been framed art or greeting cards. This past Christmas, however, a client requested hand painted glass ornaments so now I include those in my portfolio. This ornament is 7 in. in diameter and with the stand it is 12 in. tall. Lots more designs on the drawing board for next year.


Handpainted Ornament


I find color fascinating and fabulous. Art is not so much about what ends up on the canvas as it is about the process. For me creativity in any form is a glorious release, an expression in and of itself, a connection to something beyond our understanding, something that connects us all. Thank you for sharing this sojourn on my artistic voyage.


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