Featured Artist Jennifer Weiss

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Stella  Blue


My name is Jennifer Weiss. My interest in art began when I was very young after an art teacher in middle school suggested to me that I had talent. Once I received this feedback my great passion to create took over me. I remember drawing in classes and then getting home from school and going directly to my canvas to paint.




My friends and family have always commented on how productive I am in regards to my artwork. I am often working on two or three paintings at a time. I am a self-taught artist and though I tried a few art classes, I never did like them very much. I have always trusted and believed that what I have inside me is enough to produce the results that I wanted. In fact, after taking an art class in college, I felt that it was detrimental to my production and creativity.


Osama's Gone


I have always been drawn to create because it lifts me to another level of consciousness and what I call a meditative state. It helps me to escape from the daily pressures and stresses of life. It also helps me to celebrate life and the beauty around me. I have been an acrylic on canvas painter most of my life. My style is surrealistic & abstract in nature. My painting encompasses unique and often repetitive forms that dance with color, balance, rhythm, and personality.


Momentary Lapse of Reason


The majority of my work starts without a prior concept in mind. The piece develops as my mind instructs my hand on the paint brush. Lines develop into bolder shapes that take on color & balance.



I produce flowing forms integrated with energy & movement. Frequently, my work has a sense of spirit flowing within it. Occasionally, my work is premeditated through drawings that stand out to me. I am a colorist. The majority of my paintings & drawings reflect extravagant use of color. I perceive colors which range in varying intensities from high to low and screaming to silent.




There is theory of harmony within my artwork, an internal discipline which color and forms are to obey. My creativity and my responsibility to expose it to the world is a powerful purpose in my life.


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