Featured Artist Alexanna Padilla Johnson

Mixed Media artist Alexanna Padilla Johnson is a passionate believer in the power of art. See more about her by visiting her website.




I am an emerging mixed media artist, making art again after several-year’s hiatus, where I focused on a fast-track career.  I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico in a family that loved and made art, and was seven when I began making my own art.  I’ve finally come to realize the value and pure joy of a life committed to art making.


Every Word A Commitment


I’m primarily a mixed media artist who is passionate about paper and other fibers. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of the materials I work with.  I also like working digitally to create painterly abstract collages, relishing the unlimited nature of the virtual world.


New Mexico Window


I find the process of making art very meditative. I layer, alter, and juxtapose various elements, with great care for the quality and attention to craft. At the same time, I am conscious of not making anything too precious. I focus intently on each piece – while also having a few pieces going at one time.  I find this keeps the energy and ideas flowing.


The Sun and The Moon


I’m inspired by the shapes, colors, and deeper meaning of the art, poetry, literature and films that move me, as well as by the layers and textures found in nature. The cultural and natural imagery, and state of mind of New Mexico also inform my work.

I’m a passionate advocate for the ways the power of art elevates lives. I believe art is an extraordinary revealer and teller of our truths, and holds many tools for accessing what is best about us.




I’m presently working on using a combination of art papers, altered original prints, and various twines to create mixed media wall hangings and art boards. I’m also interested in breaking apart imagery from my 3 dimensional art to create digital collages. I’ve  created a line of jewelry, collage art boards, and prints from my abstract printed work that can be seen on Etsy.




My goal for 2012 is to enter more juried shows and refine my presentation and success with selling art online, primarily through my new shop on Etsy. I’m also privileged to continue to offer my services as a coach to creatives, helping them move through the challenges that come with committing to a creative life.

I feel blessed –  art is my Home and I’ve finally come home to my art.



  1. I have been following Alexanna’s re-birth as a committed artist and coach of artists for the past 18 months (http://www.facebook.com/thedynamicmuse) and am thrilled and inspired at the ways she uses her many gifts to craft soulful pieces of art that bring beauty into our world, and her passion to empower the insights, process, and work of others. Thanks, ArtsyShark, for sharing this profoundly powerful artist with us!

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