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Agate, Iolite and Citrine necklace



My name is Beth Judge. I am an artist. My chosen medium is metal. My hands feel the infinite potential of metal. It becomes a natural extension of my ideas as I transform it intuitively into wearable art.


Watermelon Tourmeline earrings


I find inspiration all around me, from a sound to a small line in nature to an architectural element. Inspiration can be found by me in obvious places as well as the most obscure. I can’t look for it. Inspiration finds me. I’m learning on a daily basis on how to open my ears and heart for it…it is there. Now to just slow my pace…..


 Rutilated Quartz and silver necklace


I am at a mid-life point of recreating myself and my art. I want to connect with my customer; I want them to feel joy when they wear my work. I balance my time between creating new one-of-a-kind, limited production and production work with custom work for a client.


Rutilated Quartz and Pearl Necklace


I love stones. I love the colors and shapes of them. Generally my designs are inspired by the stone. Presently I am working on incorporating enamel into my work. I am excited about the combination of the natural colors of stones and complimenting them with the gorgeous colors that enamel can produce.



Being a metalsmith/goldsmith is a gift. I am thrilled that I have this opportunity. My most joyful moment is when I have a finished piece in my hand that I created from a sketch and took the piece every step of the way.



  1. Wow! I looooove the design in the second to last photo.

  2. Beth – love, love, love your designs. Absolutely gorgeous !!

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