Featured Artist Sarah Mandell

The art of needle felting is something I discovered about ten years ago and have learned to love by practicing every day.

How Artists Earn: Wholesale and Online Retail

That’s what makes wholesale such a great foundation for a business. Instead of having to convince 20 people to buy your thing, you only have to convince one person – the store manager or buyer.

Featured Artist Karin Alisa Houben

Karin Alisa Houben creates bead-woven, sculptural jewelry that draws attention to the diverse splendor and infinite detail of the natural world. See more of her work by visiting her website.     Frida Kahlo once said, “I paint flowers so they will not die.” I create beaded butterflies, birds, snakes, fish and other natural wonders […]

Featured Artist Luann Udell

My artifacts began as embellishment for fiber pieces. I wanted them to look truly ancient, to be authentic, NOT through blind reproduction, but by diligence and attention to detail.

Featured Artist Victoria Lansford

My work is inspired by two major themes: creation and transformation. Whether studying the origins of the cosmos or creation mythologies of various cultures, I find there is a recurring motif of chaos into order, which my own creative process mimics.

New Technologies for the Studio Artist

The range of print capabilities is growing to include printing in multi-color, and producing pieces that range from being rigid to very elastic.

Featured Artist Don Kelley

Many customers bring their family silverware to me to create heirloom pieces. The rich history of this silver has special meaning and connections to those who wear it.

Featured Artist Laurie Leonard

This “reinvention” of my art has been a very rewarding experience. Being completely self taught, the creative process for me is playing with an idea and learning from my mistakes. This can be very satisfying and very frustrating at the same time.

Featured Artist Cheryl Eve Acosta

These specimens found a home in the form of jewelry, which led to what my current work is about, sculptural jewelry inspired by the cycle of life.

Featured Artist Mary Hicklin

I share the ancients’ fascination with natural objects and make one-of-a-kind work from things that call out to me.

Featured Artist Louise Little

I love the transparency of glass. I love that I can make glass look like ancient stones born of the earth. I love its history and its influence in the world and try to mimic historical beads.

Featured Artist Emily Ennulat-Lustine

Mindful examination of the fine and subtle details that exist in both the physical world and the emotional one is perhaps the most inspiring and gratifying quality in creating my intaglio prints.

Critique and the Heart of the Artist

This was the very first time I began to sell my work and to develop a collection. It was the beginning.

Featured Artist Vickie Hallmark

My jewelry is inspired by my central Texas garden.