Featured Artist Cara Gulati

Featured artist Cara Gulati takes her love of quilts and shares them with the world through books, patterns and her original work. Enjoy and visit her website for more about this talented fiber artist.


brilliant quilt with colorful scrolls


Fiber art is my first love right now. I am continuing to work on a series called 3-D Explosion, which involves designs that look like scrolls of paper rolling up and unrolling. The designs appear to have two sides. I create art quilts with these designs to hang on the wall.


Star Gazer handmade quilt


Fabric is my muse. Bright colors and sharp graphic designs catch my eye and send my mind into a frenzy of ideas. It’s even more interesting to me when the feel and the hand (the drape and weight of the fabric) are soft, smooth and heavy.



Some of my inspirations come from other artists’ work, world architecture and books of patterns. Nature inspires me with colors. In my home/studio almost every room is a different color.



My favorite room, the family room, has three different orange colors in it. The first two are tints, the last one is very saturated. It’s decorated with art and an area rug in a brilliant aqua/turquoise blues. I have art (mostly from other artists) hanging on every wall in my house. It’s very uplifting to me.


Party Explosion handmade quilt


I studied fashion merchandising and fashion design in college. I have designed and made everything from wedding dresses and costumes to my own line of children’s clothing. Just about every job I have ever had revolves around fabric.


Rainbow quilt


I consider myself to be quite lucky to work in my field of choice. In order to do that, I have to have my hands in many buckets, so to speak. I design and make large fiber art quilts and I design fabric. I write and publish books and patterns for quilters. I sell long-arm quilting machines for A1 Long Arm Machines (these are big industrial machines for stitching the three quilt layers together).



I travel the world to teach and lecture about my work. I also show my work in galleries. Currently I am learning new software that will help me teach workshops online as well as design patterns for sale to use on computer guided long arm machines. The business of art is just as important as creating the art.


  1. very interesting work and colorful. thanks for the profile.

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