Featured Artist Annell Metsker

Mixed media artist Annell Metsker captures the emotional essence of her subjects. Enjoy her work and visit her website for more from this talented artist.



My artistic focus is to evoke the soul of my subjects and capture the beauty within and around them. I work intuitively to create emotional depth, intense color, texture, light and timelessness. My mediums include photography, mixed media combining photography and painting, and oil on canvas.



My early years as a portrait artist were inspired by the Impressionists and Old Masters, gaining mastery of these styles by studying with photographers famous for similar imagery. With advances in technology I gained expertise marrying photography, digital and oil painting, allowing more creative freedom of interpretation and depth. Recently I have added free hand oil paintings to my repertoire and I find it provides new challenge and opportunity.



The spontaneity and joy of childhood and the bonds of the family: mother with child, the sibling connection, dancers and musicians love for their art, are all recurrent themes in my work. I observe and interact with my subjects, creating an atmosphere that frees them to be themselves. I am then able to capture their soulfulness and authenticity.



In all media, my goal as an artist is to capture the connection and emotion of relationship that moves through generations into the beauty of life. This is my passionate pursuit.



I am fortunate to operate a successful portrait studio in the Charlotte area as well as the Cashiers, Highlands, Lake Glenville area of the North Carolina Mountains. It is in the beauty and serenity of these mountains that I find my creative muse.



  1. Ahhh, a lovely way to start my day, viewing your art.
    Thank you for this article……….Judy

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