Featured Artist Michael Bane

Featured artist Michael Bane focuses his work on celebrity portraits. See more of this talented artist’s work by visiting his website.


Bob Dylan

I am a celebrity portrait artist in Oklahoma City. My media is a combination of pencil, pen and ink, and Apple computers.


Chuck Berry


I have been doing my art over a series of years starting in 2004 to the present. It shows my passion in celebrity portraits.


Audrey Hepburn


The celebrities I paint are from a time where stardom was a byproduct of talent and accomplishment, before 24 hour tabloid television, gossip-obsessed magazines and reality television shows that promote narcissism and immaturity as characteristics to be emulated.


Johnny Cash


These are true celebrities, men and women that touched lives and influenced generations. They are people that will forever be in our memory and culture. The paintings are done in bold, vivid colors and fill the frame to capture the viewer’s attention. They have a modern and exciting look while capturing the essence of the person.


Raquel Welch


The paintings capture a moment in each subject’s life, whether it is an actress posing for the camera or a musician capturing the perfect tone. Each tells a story the way I want it to be told, free of superfluous items and directly to the point.


Elvis Presley


All have an attitude to them that brings the viewer closer wanting to know more.


Frank Sinatra


The subject matter is decades old but the paintings are modern and exciting.


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