Featured Artist Constance Reid

Featured Artist Constance Reid uses photography to capture “images with soul.” Enjoy her portfolio and see more of her work by visiting her website.


old hands


Photography is what I am compelled to do.  It opens my eyes and heart to a visual and spiritual feast. When I am able to fully immerse myself in a subject, I find that it feeds my soul and I am simply grateful…


wine country photo by Constance Reid


I’ve always considered myself an artist and was given my first Brownie camera when I was nine. I’ve enjoyed documenting the world around me ever since.


solo figure in field, photo by artist Constance Reid


My early serious work in photography was in 35mm and 4×5 film. I fell in love with the chemical magic that would take place in the darkroom and would thrill with the prospect of spending an afternoon there. I resisted digital imaging until I came to realize the endless possibilities it presented by allowing me to “create” art with my camera in a way that wasn’t possible before.


Castle, photo by Constance Reid


I’ve recently found myself moving away from traditional photographic images to a style that is more “painterly.” I love starting with a good image and by adding multiple textures create a photographic painting, rich with color, texture and light.


Forest; photo by Constance Reid


I often spend countless hours painting the image using my computer in much the same way that an artist uses a palette. I love the texture and patina that old paper or rust gives an image and will often spend time capturing interesting textures as well as the original images themselves.


leaves, photo by Constance Reid


For me, photography is a celebration of life. Through the lens of my camera I am blessed to view the world in an extraordinary way. I seem to actually see more through that little window. I try to capture images that have a soul and evoke an emotional response in the viewer, whether in a vineyard sunset, an embrace, or the experiences of a lifetime seen in a beautiful pair of hands.


vineyard scene, photo by Constance Reid


Along with creating fine art prints, I also enjoy capturing images and memories that will last a lifetime for families, children, newborns, and weddings. My work can be seen at  Stix and Stones Gallery in Calistoga, CA and Artists of the Valley Gallery on First Street in downtown Napa. I will be part of Napa Valley Open Studios in September.



  1. beautiful pieces…love the painterly effect used!!

  2. Thank you, Kathryn, for the kind and encouraging comments!

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