Featured Artist Deborah Younglao

Artist Deborah Younglao creates brilliantly colorful wall art and scarves. Enjoy her work and visit her website for more.


handpainted silk art


I am a self-taught silk painter. I paint on luxurious silk fabrics with vibrant, liquid dyes.


handpainted silk jungle bird


Nature is my inspiration, whether I’m painting a subject or just designing with color. I love the way the dyes sparkle on the luminous silk, like sun shining on a wet garden.


parrot design handpainted silk


My painted silks become either wearable or wall art, some of which I enhance with machine and hand quilting. I enjoy working in a medium that allows me such flexibility in my finished creations.


Conure Bird design on handpainted silk


Right now my main focus is painting scarves to take to several outdoor art fairs — my main avenue for selling them. I’m really having fun with the scarves. There are so many color combinations, techniques and painting styles that I get to play with. And although I love all the aspects of silk painting that I do, with the wearables there’s an extra feeling of freedom when I’m not painting “a picture”.


handpainted silk scarf sunflower design


Silk painting has endless possibilities and one of my goals is to explore as many of them as I can! In 2010 I was honored to be designated a Master Silk Painter by Silk Painters International (SPIN), but it by no means stops there… I still have so much to learn.


handpainted silk scarf floral design


My other goal is simply to express my sense of wonder with nature and pass that wonder and joy on to the viewer. People seeing my paintings have said that they feel like they were right there in the scene, and that’s the greatest compliment.


handpainted silk scarf with orchids


With my scarves I want to create something that makes the wearer feel special because she is wrapped in a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.


handpainted floral silk scarf



  1. beautiful, beautiful work…just love the colors and designs!! i can just imagine wearing such a luxurious silk scarf!!

  2. Hi Carolyn – I’m honored to be one of your featured artists! I also appreciate all your suggestions for how to use the link to this article. THanks for all you do to promote living artists!

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